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This tool allows to encode TMX audio files for NFS ProStreet/Undercover/World games


  • Encode TMX files without HEX editing by selecting pre-encoded GIN files and a WAV/SNR file
  • Encode SNR files into EALayer3 and loop them
  • Encode TMX files for both AI and Player (UC and up)
  • Easily use Black Box's file name pattern
  • Extract TMX files from other games via TMX Extractor
  • Launch gintool inside of tmxtool


  • Tmxtool 1.1 requires JRE or JDK 11 or higher. You can download and install it here: JRE 11


  • Q: How do I launch tmxtool?
    • A: Via launchTMX.bat. If you launch it directly via .jar file, your mileage may vary

  • Q: Where do I get .gin/.snr files?
    • A: By encoding them with gintool or extracting them from other games


  • 1.1: Initial public release
  • 1.1.1: Fixed an issue where Half Throttle and Full Throttle GIN's were in reverse positions
  • 1.2: Added translations, changed "Launch GINTool" logic

Known issues

  • No known issues so far


  • Azul for their JDK project
  • jwfreo for snrtool code
  • Kristian Lyubenov for the original TMX tutorial, which this tool was based on

Source code available here
If you want to contribute to the project (add a translation, etc.), don't hesitate to make pull requests. Example messages file can be seen here


alexdivi96 (April 01, 2024 @ 07:56)
@TheUnpunished do you only have sound news on PS2 version nfs carbon and nfsmw05?

stopbreathing (November 16, 2023 @ 09:01)
epic mod

TheUnpunished (September 05, 2023 @ 21:33)
Yeah I tested the same, should've tested myself. It's fixed on 1.1.1 now anyway.
Thanks for the heads up!

X6zmeisteR (September 05, 2023 @ 16:30)
to answer how i found out, i encoded a file that had different loads where the high load had a noticeable supercharger and the low load had none and it was very noticeable especially on decel

TheUnpunished (September 05, 2023 @ 12:23)
Fixed in 1.1.1

Uploaded at: September 04, 2023 @ 20:18

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