NFSMW Attachment Icon Pack (Unlimiter V4) by Opex Rah aka Fiscal

Category: Miscellaneous | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

NFSMW Attachment Icon Pack (Unlimiter V4)

Utility mod for other MODDERS, which adds several new icons to Unlimiter V4, all handcrafted.

Over time, as mods with unlimiter v4 support appear, I'll be adding more icons to this pack, at least while I'm making mods (I won't delete all mods when I stop making them, unless I hit my head hard... just kidding)

Note that all icons are exclusively for parts linked to Attachments, however some other icons of the conventional unlimiter are redone to have a better quality, like the Headlight and Tail-Light icon, which are now in 512x512.


You have full permission to use this mod however you want, whether using it for a modpack or modifying it.


FISCAL aka Opex Rah (my self)

Tools used:

1.3 - Added 4 icons and Binary Installation Method
Front Fender
Rear Fender
Car Windows
Rear Engine Cover

1.2 - Added 3 icons
Front Bumper
Rear Bumper

1.1 - Added some icons for Aftrmrket Exotics mods
Headlight Color Layer 1
Headlight Color Layer 2
Headlight Color Layer 3
Taillight Color Layer 1
Taillight Color Layer 2
Taillight Color Layer 3
Headlight Material
Exhaust Material

1.0 - First release


Opex Rah (October 19, 2023 @ 21:38)
SaturnsRing Maybe

SaturnsRing (September 20, 2023 @ 03:33)
Will this also include more icons from the base Unlimiter itself? Upscaled HUD hasn't been updated in a long while and is missing specifically Neon and N/A icons. That aside this is a great resource!

Uploaded at: September 14, 2023 @ 16:37


ac49c4-Attachments_Icon_Pack 1.3.rar (Size: 298.21KB) Latest Version
27e746-Attachments_Icon_Pack (Size: 250.02KB) Old Version
86bb5f-Attachments_Icon_Pack (Size: 226.35KB) Old Version