BLINKS in Bayview - BLACKPINK Soundtrack Mod for NFSU2 by jm511

Category: Audio | Game: Need for Speed: Underground 2

BLINKS in Bayview - BLACKPINK Soundtrack Mod for NFSU2


1. Whistle
3. Playing With Fire
4. Stay
5. As If It's Your Last
7. Forever Young
8. Really
9. See U Later
10. Kill This Love
11. Don't Know What To Do
12. Kick It
13. Hope Not
14. How You Like That
15. Pretty Savage
16. Lovesick Girls
17. Crazy Over You
18. Love To Hate Me
19. You Never Know
20. Pink Venom
21. Shut Down
22. Typa Girl
23. Yeah Yeah Yeah
24. Hard To Love
25. The Happiest Girl
26. Tally
27. Ready For Love

Instructions (lifted directly from the Super Eurobeat Soundtrack Mod):
1. Make sure to make a backup of your SDATA folder located in your NFSU2 game folder
2. Cut/copy the folder someplace safe. DO NOT run the game directly after doing this!!
3. Copy all the files in the FILES folder included in this mod after extracting it.
4. Paste all the files; PFDATA, SPEECH and UNUSED_SDATA in your NFSU2 game folder
5. Run the game and enjoy!

Credits/Special Thanks:
1. BLACKPINK - for the cool music
2. Electro Shark of - whose Super Eurobeat Soundtrack Mod had become the inspiration for this one
3. BadHairDay of - for the Music Importer tool used for this mod
4. nlgzrgn/nlgzxef - for the Trax Renamer
5. EA Black Box - for the wonderful game


NKDaiyamondo (March 10, 2024 @ 14:54)
If you are here pls read my comments:)

NKDaiyamondo (March 10, 2024 @ 14:47)
I put it and it still show the Music from NFSU2
How to fix this?

NKDaiyamondo (December 29, 2023 @ 09:47)
So where do I need to put MPF and MUS files?
Tell me Asap

Uploaded at: September 15, 2023 @ 11:23