NFS Carbon Performance Rebalancing Mod by H873R_jne

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NFS Carbon Performance Rebalancing Mod

NFS Carbon Performance Rebalancing Mod v1.0

This mod fixes:
- 0-100 Kph acceleration times for both stock and fully modified cars to prevent the existence of overpowered or underpowered cars like the 240SX which had exceptional handling and great power.
- Top speeds based on power-to-weight for Tier 1 & 2 and a combination of power-to-weight and aero efficiency for Tier 3
- Curb weights are now correct for all cars which will change the handling for some cars for better or worse
- RPM ranges both stock and modified are realistic after spending too long looking at dyno charts and instrument clusters.
- Stock gear ratios are now accurate to real life with the exception of the classic muscle cars which only have real-life first gear.

For more information on these, read the ReadMe.

* Known Bugs.
Fixed an incorrect value in v1.0 causing an error for the Shelby Mustang. If you see any more bugs, report them to [email protected]


I tried to maintain the original performance dynamics of Vanilla Carbon which are:
* Muscle Cars reach their top speeds the fastest.
* Tuner Cars reach their top speeds the slowest
* Exotic Cars are somewhere in between but usually have the highest top speeds.


This mod is compatible for:
* Vanilla Carbon
* Collector's edition
* Improvement Mod by 379Felipe and Improvement Mod Team (

Program Requirements for Install

* NFS Vlt-Ed

{Please Backup your NFS 'GLOBAL' folder incase you want to revert back to original if you experience bugs.}

How to Install

1. Open NFS vlt-Ed
2. File > Open > (Open location of NFS Carbon game directory)
3. Select game directory > click 'OK'
4. File > Import > Import my .nfsms modscript from wherever you extracted it
5. Save your game files.

DONE!! Enjoy:)


* DarkRaven - For guidance
* nfsu360 - Making VLTEd
* Improvement Mod Team lead by 379Felipe - Improvement Mod



H873Rjne (September 27, 2023 @ 06:28)
@micaa Thanks for catching that. I'm uploading the fix.

micaaa (September 19, 2023 @ 16:01)
The line 2756 inside the scriptmod causes errors. It's the "update_field transmission mustangshlbyo GEAR_EFFICIENCY[4] 0.1.2"

I believe you wanted to put a value of 1.2 instead