NFS Carbon Performance Rebalancing Mod by H873R_jne

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NFS Carbon Performance Rebalancing Mod

NFS Carbon Performance Rebalancing Mod v1.0

This mod fixes:
- 0-100 Kph acceleration times for both stock and fully modified cars to prevent the existence of overpowered or underpowered cars like the 240SX which had exceptional handling and great power.
- Top speeds based on power-to-weight for Tier 1 & 2 and a combination of power-to-weight and aero efficiency for Tier 3
- Curb weights are now correct for all cars which will change the handling for some cars for better or worse
- RPM ranges both stock and modified are realistic after spending too long looking at dyno charts and instrument clusters.
- Stock gear ratios are now accurate to real life with the exception of the classic muscle cars which only have real-life first gear.

For more information on these, read the ReadMe.

* Known Bugs.
Fixed an incorrect value in v1.0 causing an error for the Shelby Mustang. If you see any more bugs, report them to [email protected]


I tried to maintain the original performance dynamics of Vanilla Carbon which are:
* Muscle Cars reach their top speeds the fastest.
* Tuner Cars reach their top speeds the slowest
* Exotic Cars are somewhere in between but usually have the highest top speeds.


This mod is compatible for:
* Vanilla Carbon
* Collector's edition
* Improvement Mod by 379Felipe and Improvement Mod Team (

Program Requirements for Install

* NFS Vlt-Ed

{Please Backup your NFS 'GLOBAL' folder incase you want to revert back to original if you experience bugs.}

How to Install

1. Open NFS vlt-Ed
2. File > Open > (Open location of NFS Carbon game directory)
3. Select game directory > click 'OK'
4. File > Import > Import my .nfsms modscript from wherever you extracted it
5. Save your game files.

DONE!! Enjoy:)


* DarkRaven - For guidance
* nfsu360 - Making VLTEd
* Improvement Mod Team lead by 379Felipe - Improvement Mod



MisfortuneSeven (March 12, 2024 @ 00:47)
Okay, after trying this out, it might just be me but since it seems like you've mostly made adjustments to power and gears, it sort of leaves Muscle class vehicles a bit underwhelming now that everything accelerates a bit closer to one another. I hope handling adjustments are part of a future version while still keeping the vehicle characteristics somewhat intact.

MisfortuneSeven (March 10, 2024 @ 07:16)
Oh yeah, stats for more of the expansion pack Improvement Mod cars would be nice, too (Mazda3 Sport, Lancer Evolution 8, 996 Turbo etc.)

MisfortuneSeven (January 20, 2024 @ 16:31)
@MichaelR I think I might have overestimated how bad it was in vanilla Carbon. I already knew it was the worst overall T3 in vanilla given it's basically the 350Z with worse stats (and the 350Z is already one of the weaker T3s as-is). The AE86 being demoted to T1 makes sense, though, since that car has no power and lots of drag IRL that it'd not make sense for it to be in T2.

MichaelR (January 14, 2024 @ 19:00)
@MisfortuneSeven why would they demote G35 to T2? Meanwhile, the AE86's demotion is totally justifiable

MisfortuneSeven (January 04, 2024 @ 18:15)
Also props to you for attempting to make the G35 work in T3 instead of demoting it to T2 like you did with the AE86.

Uploaded at: September 18, 2023 @ 08:30