NFSC Improved Pursuits by RedlineSSC

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NFSC Improved Pursuits


Hello everyone, this is my first mod for NFSC so don't expect anything big. I originally planted to add some extra cars but due to the lack of help from the community, I gave up. So if anyone sees this please contact me on my discord server
Anyways this mod aims to buff the cops and add some extra cool features such as Heat level 6-10 now function properly which will make it harder for the challenge series

- Heat level 1 will have roadblocks
- Heat level 2 will have light SUV
- Backup arrives much faster
- More police cars appear on scene
- Police version of Cross is removed
- Heat level 6-10 now have undercover Corvettes, undercover GTO and Heavy SUV pursuing the player

Optional features
- The police Corvette wheel width can be fixed
- Undercover Corvette can have the same bodykit as the police version and if you replaced the model then select the 2nd option while installing
- You can choose whether to keep Cross in pursuits but his car will be changed to the one in the intro. He has a lot of health which is a bit hard to take him down (Credits to Avalanche for Cross fix)

Required mods
- NFSC ExtraOptions ( set "HeatLevelOverride = 1" and for "PursuitActionMode = 1" )
- NFSC Unlimiter (If you choose to install Cross appearing in pursuits)

Read the "readme.txt" if you want to look for more details and how to install


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Uploaded at: September 18, 2023 @ 18:15

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