NFSU2 - Show Hidden Races [script] by oldman777

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NFSU2 - Show Hidden Races [script]


NFSU2 - Show All Hidden Races

Need For Speed Underground 2 career has a total of 222 races, except for the DVD.
Of these, 33 races are hidden races in five stages. Hidden races are not displayed on the game map.
In hidden races, the reward is much greater than in regular races.

Each stage has a certain number of hidden races:

1 hidden race in the first stage there (this race is available during the intro, before you will return the Nissan 350Z).
4 hidden races in the second stage.
8 hidden races in the third stage
10 hidden races in the fourth stage.
10 hidden races in the fifth stage.

How To Install :

First, you'll need "Binary" from here :

1. Open "Binary" (v2.8.3) and select "User Mode"
2. Select "Show All Hidden Races.end" file
3. Select your "Underground 2" installed directory
4. Save when asked

This mod is install script and will not break any of their previously applied mods.

A similar mod but replaces GLOBAL game file:


oldman777 (January 22, 2024 @ 23:35)
@Ascaloni, Open file "AllHidden.end" with notepad, and at the end of each line, change "False" to "True", and change 8 to 4 and run script.
This should work.

Ascaloni (January 19, 2024 @ 03:07)
Is there a way to make the races hidden again after applaying the mod?

Kaog (October 14, 2023 @ 15:11)
Que buen aporte, gracias

Uploaded at: October 11, 2023 @ 11:24