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--- @MODIFY2023 ---

If you want to listen to some peaceful music whilst customising your car, or maybe while driving and racing, this is the mod for you.
All of the original Most Wanted soundtracks are replaced with Relaxing Music (26 of them).

There are two scripts in the archive (zip) file, one is called Relaxing_Music.nfsms

Import this script to replace the names of the soundtracks on the list with Custom Track Names generated. There is also the music files "MW_Music.mpf" and "MW_Music.mus" which you need copy to your NFS Most Wanted Directory.

In case, you want to restore the soundtracks to the original or back to normal, you can import the nfsms script file names "Restored_Soundtracks.nfsms" and the names of the soundtracks will be restored, but you will need to copy the two files in the MODIFY_BACKUP folder to the Game Directory as well.

___Please NOTE___

In the future update, there will be a function made to automatically copy the files to the game directory instead of doing it manually. This is just like a "prototype" shall we say, to see what you guys think.

Depending on your reviews, more mods like this will be made in the future.

MODIFY is starting on a small-scale with the mods. That means, starting with small, scripted mods and will eventually get to real modding such as ADDON cars and environment stuff. It just takes time.

I hope you guys enjoy this mod and there will be a quick gameplay video uploaded soon of this.

If there are any problems with the mod, please feel free to comment down below and I will fix the problem ASAP.

Enjoy your day...



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Uploaded at: October 17, 2023 @ 15:55