Foxbody Mustang RPM Fix by JRC99

Category: Scripts | Game: Need for Speed 2015

Foxbody Mustang RPM Fix

This mod fixes the redline of the Foxbody, bumping it up the real Foxbody's 6,250 RPM redline instead of the game's setting of 4,800 RPM. Simply drop it into your Mods/NFS16 folder in your Frosty Mod Manager directory and apply it in the manager. Launch the game and enjoy a Foxbody that can actually rev a little.

I'd like to also thank magician57v for pointing me in the direction of learning how to do this. Give Need For Speed Remastered a download if you haven't- It's a fantastic mod and makes the game 1000x better.


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Uploaded at: October 21, 2023 @ 03:13