Xbox 360 sky and car shader by @O0o0nur

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Xbox 360 sky and car shader


You must use with :

Content of the mod; Sun reflections and faded colors like Xbox360 cars, Weather conditions have been changed, weather colors have been changed, fog ratio is the same as xbox.

Sunny - Bright environment like XBOX 360, the sky is pale and has little shine.

Overcast - There is no sunlight in the sky like XBOX 360. It is black and the surroundings are foggy.

Sunset - Pale and dark like XBOX360.

It doesn't make sense to install the mod alone. I prepared this mod for Xbox360 Reshadem. What I mean is, if you want to use this mod, you need to install my Xbox360 Reshade settings. There is a preview on my YouTube channel. I recommend you watch it.

How to install:
-Open NFS-VltEd. Select the mode you downloaded and press the install button. That is all.

I will update my new Reshade mod soon. Rest assured, they are very similar.


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Uploaded at: October 22, 2023 @ 17:24