[W2C] Story Intro - Compatible [v1.2.1] [OUTDATED] by Hydra

Category: Scripts | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon

[W2C] Story Intro - Compatible [v1.2.1] [OUTDATED]

Current Update (v1.2)
- Made something similar to epic pursuit race from MW but is you racing with cross
Check the video to see what I'm talking about Preview Update 1.2


This mod is outdated because the new current version of W2C - World 2 Carbon will fix the story mode. Thanks to those who have downloaded the mod so far.


You are not allowed to republish this mod elsewhere or use it in a pack of yours without my permission


Hydra (November 10, 2023 @ 17:16)
Added an hotfix, I forgot to remove the timer for the cross race and you couldn't make it


Uploaded at: October 23, 2023 @ 16:23


ce3aec-[W2C] Story Intro - Compatible v1.2 hotfix.zip (Size: 1.96KB) Latest Version
f31958-w2c_intro_compatible_v1.2.zip (Size: 509.77KB) Old Version
236070-w2c_intro_compatible_v1.1.zip (Size: 906.34KB) Old Version