NFSU2 - Sunrise, Night, Sunset by oldman777

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NFSU2 - Sunrise, Night, Sunset


NFSU2 - Always Lighter Sunrise, Night, Sunset

I totally like Underground 2 graphics. Nevertheless, I decided to diversify it a little.
There are three default cyclically changing times of day in the game: Sunrise, Night, Sunset.
In this mod make sunrise, night and sunset are a little lighter than the original.

You can use several variants of this mod:

NIGHT Always - Always Night.
SUNRISE Always - Always Sunrise.
SUNSET Always - Always Sunset.
SUNRISE NIGHT SUNSET Default - The time of day changes as original, but a little lighter.
SUNSET NIGHT SUNRISE - Another variant time of day changes.
SUNSET SUNRISE - Another variant time of day changes without Night.
Return Original Textures - Return Default Original Textures.

In game graphics settings everything is ON or HIGH with the exception of four OFF (Screenshot indicated by red arrows).

How To Install:

First, you'll need "Binary" from here :

1. Open "Binary" (v2.8.3) and select "User Mode".
2. Select "Install.end" file.
3. Select your "Underground 2" installed directory and select mod.
4. Save when asked.

Added another variant time of day changes: SUNSET -> NIGHT -> SUNRISE
Added another variant time of day changes without Night: SUNSET -> SUNRISE


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Uploaded at: October 27, 2023 @ 11:48