Uncensored and Restored Music for NFS Underground by 7Works

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Uncensored and Restored Music for NFS Underground

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While the track compilation in NFSU is timeless, the sound quality itself (and tracks censorship too) dated not so great.
That's why I've made this replacement, so you can finally play NFSU with uncompressed audio and enjoy the soundtrack (and all of the questionable lyrics in rap songs :D).
Audio format is 44100 Hz, 16 bit, Stereo (I wasn't going for 48 kHz, because the sound difference is barely noticeable, so I've chosen difference in file size).

I'm also aware of this mod existing, so here is a little list of differences with it:
  • My version actually works (:D). I've tried to install that other mod and it only could load 2 first tracks, while others couldn't play, leading player to sink in infinite silence. Turns out it didn't work because of "Sounds" folder absence.
  • I've used lossless FLAC versions instead of YouTube versions, when converted tracks to game ASF format, so sound clarity should be a bit higher.
  • For exclusive tracks (listed below) that other mod still uses compressed game versions, which is sad.


All 26 tracks were replaced with reconverted versions from official uncensored releases (so as I've said, it was lossless FLAC format and I converted it to game format).
I've also cut tracks a bit, so, for example, intro sequence for Action Radius by Junkie XL starts sooner. That applies to intro and outro sequences, so nothing important was cut from the music.
That infamous clipping in Two-Lane Blacktop was fixed too :)
In cases of NFSU exclusive tracks, which is:
  • 21. Mystikal - Smashing The Gas (Get Faster)
  • 23. Nate Dogg - Keep It Coming
  • 24. X-ecutioners - Body Rock
    (that particular version without rap itself never released in public, if you want to check full vocal version - search for "X-ecutioners - Let Me Rock" )
  • 25. Petey Pablo - Need For Speed
I've used AI (versatile_audio_super_resolution) to increase the sampling rate from 22050 Hz to 44100 Hz and done a little mastering after it, so in terms of its mastering and overall sound production it should sound really close to original compressed versions.

As a little bonus I've included art from the game's disk in 2K, if you want even higher quality version - here it is:
Bonus Art Wallpapers


Mod by 7Works (I would be glad, if you will mention me in case you use this mod in your custom modpacks)

Soft used:
NFSU Music Extractor by somebody from 2005, couldn't find the original author :( (eaconv.exe particularly)
MCO Music Importer by EA Games
NFS:U Music Importer by Aru

Please leave your feedback in comments (especially in case if something don't work).
I'm considering making another version with censored tracks (at least for menu hip-hop songs), because censored versions are the ones we grow up with, so if you're interested - let me know :)


WolfoFluffykins (March 17, 2024 @ 21:19)
Fix for voice lines not working (and the softlock when buying your first car because samatha's line doesn't play):
in the mod folder Sound/STRMBANK, do not copy over your language (eg: STRM_English_Speech_MB.abk), leave the game's vanilla file in place. You'll still have enhanced music but voice lines will still work (or just save the original file from your game install, copy over all files from the mod, then replace your language file that you saved over the broken mod one)

Garga271 (March 08, 2024 @ 11:34)
Hello after installing this mod the voice lines don't work the game lowers the volume for the voice line but there's nothing.

MisfortuneSeven (January 24, 2024 @ 19:43)
@grazy9999 The mod also prevents the player from actually selecting their first vehicle in Underground Mode.

grazy9999 (December 27, 2023 @ 13:14)
Hi 7Works,
thanks for the mod. The music changes are just great.
In my case all speech samples in career mode are missing now (like Samantha explaining stuff in the menues and so on...). Are you aware of this or did I do something wrong?

sorkin385 (December 08, 2023 @ 11:18)

Would you share your restored version of Nate Dogg - Keep It Coming ?
I'm not able to upsample it by myself.

Release below has 2 exclusive tracks, easy to find lossless copy online

This has X-Ecutioners instrumental but I couldn't track any copy.

Thanks in advance

Uploaded at: December 03, 2023 @ 14:56

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