Asphalt 8 Showroom for U2 v2 by MiniMods

Category: Maps/Tracks | Game: Need for Speed: Underground 2

Asphalt 8 Showroom for U2 v2


The new car dealer from Aphalt 8. v2 converted for Underground 2.

1. Copy FRONTEND folder to your game directory.
2. Run the game, enjoy the mod.

Tools used:
Zmodeler 2.2.8
Binary 2.8.3


RedCarDriver (June 23, 2024 @ 16:57)
Only now saw your comment on my Juiced car dealer conversion. Looks like you got it figured out after all :D

GTRACER4 (May 19, 2024 @ 21:42)
Hello, can you please make beta NFSU2 garage mod?(Found at 31:45 in this video:, you can use Ctrl prtsc to screenshot the screen and then cut only the beta picture.


Uploaded at: December 04, 2023 @ 23:55