Project Palmont by P A I N

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Project Palmont

Project Palmont improves the visual quality of roads, trees and other in-game objects to give you a superior NFS Carbon experience.

v1.5.0 (W2C) changelist:
- Fixed glitch when player doing fall from cliff (by HellRaven EXP).
- Added new textures for rocks, hills, desert.
- Fixed missing textures.
- Now all previous small patches included to that one.
- Replaced drift track texture.
- Cleaned some unused stuff.
- Improved shaders compatibility (by HellRaven EXP).
- Added various scripts for better look/compatibility.

- This patch uses bigger amount of memory then before!

v1.4.2 (W2C) changelist:
- Added CustomVT (exclusive version by HellRavenEXP).
Credits to Xan & HellRavenEXP.

v1.4.1 (W2C) changelist:
- Added hyreplinked.asi with disabled flare rotation.
Credits to MaxHwoy - Hyperlinked (modified to remove flare rotation by osdever).

v1.4 (W2C) changelist:
- Removed snow from Rockport's Golf Course
- Fixed some mistakes like missing textures from previous versions

v1.3 (W2C) changelist:
- Rockport now have same road textures as Palmont (better quality)
- Fixed road reflections.
- Full .json rework.
- Replaced/deleted/added big amount of textures.
- Changed grass.
- Less memory usage (DXVK still needed).

v1.2 (W2C) changelist:
- Added support for W2C.
- Download switched to MediaFire and Sharedmods because Google drive doing download not possible.
ShareMods link:

v1.1.1 changelist:
- Fixed download link (lol).

v1.1 changelist:
- Road textures downscaled to 4K from 8K for better сompatibility.


- 8K/4K road textures from NFS MW 2012;
- HD plants and other objects;
- Improved scenery textures;
- …and more!

Project Palmont includes DXVK to optimize resource usage and add texture filtering and downsampling. If you’re experiencing performance issues with it, please remove dxvk.conf from your game folder.

WARNING: Project Palmont needs a more powerful PC than the base game. You need at least 4GB of VRAM and patched 4GB NFSC.exe to play comfortably.
If you have other heavy texture mods (like 4K Vinyls), it’s recommended to remove or disable them.

Join our Discord for more info and troubleshooting!

Special thanks to ARCHIE for RoadReflectionControl script, CiPHER for trees textures, and R033 for TexWizard!


RKBDI (April 18, 2024 @ 15:37)
Idk why but that mod cuase crash when loads ford gt model

animu (February 19, 2024 @ 18:57)
now it says "We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service."

animu (February 19, 2024 @ 15:12)
you forgot to put the download link on 1.1 release

CarTuner (January 12, 2024 @ 15:00)
Nice Mod! But can you fix the error with the Texmod Script Error Pls! @P7IN

DaffaFast1 (December 27, 2023 @ 10:42)
How to install it?

Uploaded at: December 17, 2023 @ 12:50