[NFSUC] UnPissed Cutscenes by Diogo

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[NFSUC] UnPissed Cutscenes

Updated 1.1:
- Louder Audio

There's this "director's cut" video on Youtube uploaded by SuperType1, which features all of the game's
cutscenes with placeholder music (mostly Muse) and no piss filter.

So, i picked these cutscenes without post-processing synced the game's cutscenes audio and converted them to .vp6.
I didn't re-record the in-game bits. I replaced with the loading screen instead.

It also features a few extended scenes and uncensored music.

It's intended to be used with Project Reformed since storey_27 is the one featured in the mod.

Stuff Used:
SpeedyHart's VP6 Starter Pack
Zyphir's VP6 Tutorial

Special Thanks to pasta and Reformed Team



iBest14 (July 12, 2024 @ 23:56)
i need this in spanish.... this is good!!

Akif (July 01, 2024 @ 21:27)
Make for HD please

ArthurLopes (March 14, 2024 @ 00:37)
undercover if it was soulless

Felipao9008 (January 24, 2024 @ 15:45)
Hope you make VOLK RE30 wheel addon for NFS Undercover

Antonio (December 26, 2023 @ 06:05)
By the way, the "storey_00" clip could be replaced by the intro video of this Director's Cut series, but we'd have to relocate it just before starting prologue. All that would leave us to the pre-recorded post-roadblock NIS to be gone (if only there was a way to replicate it in game...).

Uploaded at: December 18, 2023 @ 02:38