NFSMW Track Expansion by Balathruin

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NFSMW Track Expansion

NFSMW Track Expansion 0.6

! This mod is still very much Work In Progress !
Currently only about 70% of it is completed. There are many more tracks to come (including drags), and the existing ones need to be fully finished aswell. Circuits and KOs are the most complete currently.

The mod adds up to 140 new race tracks into the game. Nearly all new tracks are also available in career mode, albeit without free roam engagetriggers due to game limitations.
This means you can only access Track Expansion races from the Blacklist menu or Quick Race.

Not all tracks have a map preview or a minimap! The mod is WIP, missing ones are going to be added in a later version.
Not all routes have proper barriers available. This might be possible to fix once Hypercooled is available, but for now, we have to deal with it.

There is no support for existing savefiles currently! You have to use Extra Options and Unlockall, or make a new save and progress through the game again.
Do NOT use a savefile with Challenge Series progression! Savefiles can only store a limited amount of event completions.
Due to this limitation, the mod blocks access to Challenge Series events by default.

This mod is most likely not compatible with any other mods that modify the race lists in any way! Known to be incompatible: MW Cut Races; MW Track Pack; Rally Checkpoint Tracks; Absurd Race Tracks.
I might make compatibility patches later, but no promises. Let me know if this would be important to you.

Only English language is supported currently. Other languages might receive support later.

Cops are temporarily enabled on some tracks where they were not planned. This will change once more point to point races are available.



You need: NFS-VltEd v4.6 and Binary 2.8.3 (or newer)
Attribulator/OGVI is not supported, as adding more than two tracks is not possibe yet.
I highly recommend you create backups of your game files, especially if you have already installed other mods.

1) Unpack the mod archive into a folder (7-zip recommended)
2) Open NFS-VltEd v4.6
3) File > Open > Choose your NFS Most Wanted game folder where you want to install the mod
4) File > Import > ModScript > Select TE_easy_install_ModScript.nfsms in the folder where you extracted the mod archive and Open
5) Click Install in the ModScript Installer window
No errors should appear
6) File > Save
7) Close NFS-VltEd
8) Open Binary
9) Choose User Mode
10) Select TE_install_Binary.end and Open
11) Choose your NFS Most Wanted game folder where you installed the ModScript
Install should complete without errors (might take a while)
12) Save the files (may take a few minutes)
13) Close Binary or Run the game

The mod is installed!
Please keep in mind that this installation method blocks access to Challenge Series events due to savefile limitations!



You can access all track expansion events using custom installation.
Additional options in current version: Enable cops on all Track Expansion races

The process is almost the same as Easy Installation. Follow steps 1-3 above, then choose TE_custom_install_ModScript.nfsms in step 4.
5) Pick the options you want, then click install.
The rest of the process is the same once again. Follow steps 6-13 above.

The game can only store 320 event completions in the savefile. The base game already has 256 events total.
You can use the custom installation and ignore this limitation by adding more events than what the savefile can store.
Each track package contains races for the specified blacklist member. Extra packages include additional tracks, which are similar to "Bonus Tracks".
Bonus and Extra Tracks are usually very simple and short. Bonus Tracks can have minor issues, which is why they are exclusive to Quick Race.



1) Open NFS-VltEd v4.6
2) File > Open > Choose your NFS Most Wanted game folder where you installed the mod
3) File > Import > ModScript > Select TE_uninstall_ModScript.nfsms in the folder where you extracted the mod archive and Open.
4) Click Install in the ModScript Installer window
Ignore the errors, it's normal
5) File > Save
6) Close NFS-VltEd

The mod is uninstalled.


Updating (0.5 -> 0.6)

Save files from an older version might have issues with new events staying locked!
Updating from the initial version is only possible with a reinstall.
First, follow the Uninstallation process above. Then install the mod again using your desired method.



- Overhauled the ModScript Installer
- 12 new tracks added
- Updated a couple track names and trackmaps
- More trackmaps added
- MWO custom server compatibility
0.5 - Initial release (128 tracks)


MWO Compatibility

I included the race files required by MWO server, which means you can play Track Expansion events on a custom MWO server.
MWO doesn't fully support complex mods like Track Expansion, but it is playable without major issues (track names are missing).
You need to install the mod on top of MWO, then include the MWO+TE global and tracks files as replacements (game resources) in your server.
Players joining your server are going to download the server resources automatically.


Developed by Balathruin

Tools/Resources used:
NFS MW Extra Options
r033's Barrier Map V2
Hex < > Degree by Edelgaspirat
Google Sheets
Selly's Barrier Map

Main Tester:
Will Treaty
Making this mod would not have been possible without his help and support. The internal testing documentation can be found here:
Track Expansion testing (testing itself might not be up to date, since Will is busy)

Special Thanks to:
tedgn and Will Treaty
They made MWO compatibilty possible by creating a small program which generates the server files from my modscripts.
(The randomizer made for 0.5 won't work on 0.6 without issues.)

Additional feedback and other testers:
  • Artacer
  • Shoori

I am aware that some shorter circuit routes in this mod have been used in other mods or NFSW servers before, however there are very few races directly inspired by them.
I used a specific method to map out all possible routes, which lead to some of them matching with existing mods. Despite this, the tracks are all custom made by me and I've only used my own or vanilla coordinates for everything.


This mod is also intended as a resource. This means it can be used in any project, as long as you give credit (like CC BY).
You are not allowed to reupload this mod without my permission. It is currently exclusive to NFSMods.
You are allowed to create and upload modifications depending/requiring this mod. Modpacks are allowed to take content from the mod if credit is given (permission not required).
Some tracks include additional shortcuts as resources. As an example, it is possible to add scripted blockades in these sections, while allowing the AI and player to drive around it using an alternative path.

In case you encounter any issues or have questions, leave a comment on NFSMods.

If you are interested in contributing, I'm looking for help with:
  • Translations
  • Upscaled HUD support



Balathruin (April 21, 2024 @ 10:03)
The first update is finally out! I'm going to be busy for at least 1,5 months from now. I was planning to make trackmaps while my time is limited, then get the next batch of tracks ready whenever I can. Still have plenty of WIP designs waiting to be finished. Latest estimation on final track count was over 170, close to the total of the base game. Hoping to get most of that done during the summer.

Balathruin (March 24, 2024 @ 09:30)
Yes, I have worked on the first update earlier. Sadly hit some burnout recently, so spent my free time elsewhere to recharge. The update itself is mostly complete, I need to make more trackmaps and minimaps, plus update some of the scripts for a release. I was originally hoping/planning to have the update out back in February, but it didn't work out.

hiddenmask58 (March 11, 2024 @ 07:23)
Any progress on this? This look very promising

Balathruin (January 13, 2024 @ 14:13)
The mod in its current state exceeds the savefile limitations of the game. Once you complete a lot of events, the game cannot store completion of the most recent ones. Best solution currently is to ignore the entire challenge series gamemode, and avoid using existing saves with progression in it. I'll overhaul the installation to work around this in the next major version. Sadly I'll have to break up the mod into different parts and/or block access to some vanilla events.

GRUNGE (January 07, 2024 @ 12:49)
Balatarin I added your racing mode, I do all the races when I enter the game again, races appear that were not done, and I do them all


Uploaded at: December 19, 2023 @ 04:07