Custom Race Pack | Red Edition by 916skyline

Category: Maps/Tracks | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Custom Race Pack | Red Edition

Custom Race Pack | Red Edition is the second installment of the custom racing experience for Need for Speed: Most Wanted. This modification introduces 12 thrilling new races, featuring Circuit, Sprint, Drag. Extensively tested for optimal gameplay, each race type promises an exciting and flawless experience.

Known bugs:
• Opponents in a drag race do not appear if the race is started in the game world, but they do appear if the race is started from the "Safe house" or "Quick Race" menu.

• Version 1.1.1 - Small changes in the readme.txt file. Now, following the guide, you will install the mod correctly and the game will not crash when the race menu is open.
• Version 1.1 - Pollux race replaces Camden & Industries race.
• Version 1.0 - initial release, 12 new races.

nfsu360 for VLTeD
MaxHwoy for binary
LunicAura for upscaled HUD
MWInside for Texture REcompiler
r033 for icebreaker
Selly for barrier map
Adobe for Photoshop
ExOpts Team for NFSMW Extra Options
KingTaspry52 and emirG for the suggested races


RTR450R (January 05, 2024 @ 11:47)
there's typo on 18_0_31.nfsms
tho, you could just find the error line, remove one of the "Z" from that line, and run the script again

916skyline (January 01, 2024 @ 18:05)
@InfinityMain, Download the mod again and try installing it again.

InfinityMain (January 01, 2024 @ 17:28)
Invalid parameter count for this line at vltEd: update_field gameplay race_bin_18/18_0_31_sprint_ai_cp1 Position Z Z 15.8

domk001 (December 31, 2023 @ 22:58)
Is it possible to add an Race that starts or finished at the old Bridge?

Uploaded at: December 31, 2023 @ 14:49