'Bayview's Best' Car Pack by moses

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Underground 2

'Bayview's Best' Car Pack

Bayview's Best Car Pack for NFSU2 v1.1.1
created by moses



A modpack that features 3, made from scratch, vanilla styled NFSU2 cars

This pack currently has the following cars:
- Lexus GS300
- Honda Civic Si (EG6)
- Infiniti FX45 [SUV]

The main reason that this modpack exists is to make the process
of installing my car mods easier and more streamlined

The car pack will be updated over time with bug fixes and new cars
as they are completed

All of the cars in this mod are hand modelled by me

Do not add this car pack into any modpacks without my permission

1.1.1 - January 8, 2024
[Civic Si]
- Fixed an issue where no exhausts would show up on any rear bumper
- Fixed fog lights not showing on the "FEEL" front bumper

1.1.0 - January 7, 2024
New Parts:
- Added "Chrome" fender/quarter
- Edited install endscript to remove all errors
- Added 'proper' (close enough) engine sounds to all 3 cars
- Fixed Armageddon and Apocalypse widebody kits having chrome door trims
- Added "FULLROOF" which removes sunroofs when using roof scoops
- Added "HOOD_UNDER" which covers the underside of hoods
[Civic Si]
- Fixed spoilers being unpaintable
- Fixed engine model clipping through certain hoods
- Fixed "TOPAZ" headlight UV issue
- Fixed "REAPER" tail light markers not showing
- Adjusted performance stats to make the car drive better/smoother (Done by jackal)
- Fixed headlights with paint areas having the same UV (instead of being on the left/right)

1.0.0 - January 1, 2024
Initial release

GS300 - All vanilla parts
Civic Si (EG6) - All vanilla parts except split hoods
FX45 - All vanilla parts except split hoods

All cars have Extended Customization parts

Binary v2.8.3 - https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/1638
NFSU2 Unlimiter - https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/1588
NFSU2 Car Tuner - https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/1621
7Zip/WinRAR/WinZip (to unpack the archive)

Install NFSU2 Unlimiter & Binary
Extract the mod folder to any location
Run Binary as an Administrator
Click on User Mode (the left option)
In the Binary file selector, go to the extracted mod folder and select "ModInstaller.end"
Select the NFSU2 directory you want to install the mod to
Select "Install Cars"
Each car will have its own checkbox to click (if you want to install/update a car, click its checkbox)
When Binary asks to save files press Yes
The mod should now be installed

Make sure to create a new save file after installation

RedCarDriver - Civic Si (EG6) & GS300 Performance Tuning/Values
jackal - FX45 Performance Tuning/Values
Usagi - Mod Page Screenshots
craig - Mod Page Screenshots
filthy - Mod Page Screenshots
radiq - Mod Page Screenshots
Tenshi - Mod Page Screenshots
nfsu360 - NFS-CarToolkit
MaxHwoy - Binary v2.8.3
nlgxzef - NFSU2 Unlimiter
EA Black Box - Various Textures & Meshes

If you have any questions/issues/suggestions message me on Discord - moses1738


RedCarDriver (June 23, 2024 @ 16:52)
Amazing work, especially considering that these are all scratch models!

Carry (January 17, 2024 @ 14:02)
@Keufflon Those cars are not showing up, probably because you installed unlimiter incorrectly it requires the game to be installed in a different folder than the system
i have same issue :(

Keufflon (January 11, 2024 @ 06:35)
Hello, help me, I have a problem, I installed it, but the cars are not displayed in the game itself, what should I do, please tell me?

Harra (January 08, 2024 @ 18:47)
Cannot wait to see the Honda Prelude in-game.

WNTEDx (January 05, 2024 @ 12:07)
genuinely glad to see these cars added into underground and i'm curious to see what else you add in, maybe some love for the American land yachts would be nice to see?

Uploaded at: January 02, 2024 @ 06:41