İnfinity Nos by ShadowProximity26

Category: Any | Game: Need for Speed: Underground 2

İnfinity Nos


This mode makes all nitro unlimited on all cars. This is an unlimited NOS mode valid on all vehicles for all nitro packages.

First you will need "Binary" from here:

How to install:

1. Open "Binary" (v2.8.3) and select "User Mode"
2. Select the "Infinity Nos.end" file
3. Select your "Underground 2" installed directory
4. Save when prompted

Binary: MaxHwoy


* Install And Uninstall Selections Added İn Setup Step.
* First Release


ShadowProximity26 (May 02, 2024 @ 20:25)
Warning: Do Not Try This on Online Servers, Otherwise a Number of Unexpected Things May Happen.

Uploaded at: January 02, 2024 @ 19:14