Car Tiers & AI Police Fix by BDawg

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Car Tiers & AI Police Fix

Need For Speed Carbon is a fun game, but it's a game with many, really dumb flaws.
One of the things I've noticed during my Carbon playthroughs was that Heat Level 1 police cars were far too fast. It seemed as if the only way to lose them, even with upgraded Tier 2 cars, would be to wreck them (either via ramming or pursuit breakers), but of course that doesn't make any sense. Why would a bunch of old Ford Crown Victorias be as fast as Police Corvettes? What's the point of the Heat Level system then? It's as if whoever was in charge of setting up the acceleration/speed values for the police vehicles had no idea which values belonged to which police car. You should be able to lose them on the highways if your car has a top speed of over 250 KM/H. I don't recall this being an issue back in Most Wanted (although it has been a really long time since I've played it). I couldn't find any mods that changed this, so I had to do it myself. As a bonus, the Chevrolet Chevelle and Nissan 240sx were set to Tier 2, as they are far too fast for Tier 1 vehicles considering their stock stats.

- Police car speeds now properly scale with heat levels;
- Two Tier 1 bonus cars (Chevelle and 240sx) made Tier 2s.

Two install methods: Drag and drop the GLOBAL folder into your NFSC folder, or if you use some other mods, run the script file in VLTed.


AntonioCon2 (May 29, 2018 @ 05:04)
This is brilliant! Tho, I think the heat 1 police cruisers speed up to 280 kmh as they seemed to match My ariel atom mod by corvettez06, and around 310-320kmh with zone heat 2 cops. I have been keeping track of the relativity of their speed during police chases using tier 3 tuner cars, cars that are expedient at these speeds and not cars that accelerate too much/fast past 200mph/322kmh and not take too long to get close to 200mph/322kmh. I hope you get my point. This mod is the perfect fix. Thanks so much!