Black Hearts Beta (Phantoms) Crew Logo mod by ArcySeguraGaming

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Black Hearts Beta (Phantoms) Crew Logo mod



If you didn't know, the crew 'Black Hearts' Was supposed to be named "Phantoms" and have a completely different logo but then for some reason during the devolopment it was changed, i also noticed in the WMDYNTEX.BIN the beta logo is still there but unused and renamed taking WM out of it so it does not appear in the game. Well with my modification YOU get to be the new leader of the phantoms!
You can learn more about beta crews from Speedyheart's Video
You will need Binary



Instructions on how to install my mod
  • Step 1 : Open Binary, Chose user mode. Locate the Part1.end
  • Once you chose the Part1.end Locate your game path and it should install successfully. Chose save but do not chose to run the game yet and close Binary.
  • Open VLT-ED and Locate your game path, then import the Part2.nfsms. Install it then save the files and run the game and you are all set!!!

Thanks to Redfire
for helping me out teaching me how to make the binary endscripts, i am still new to all this modding stuff haha! Let me know if there are any problems and i'll add you on discord and help you out.

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Update 1.1

Incase you don't like the black checkmarks, i added an additional script to revert to the yellow checkmarks in the "Yellow checkmark (Optional) folder"


ArcySeguraGaming (February 12, 2024 @ 01:46)
not sure i would need to check the files again

NaoTomori (February 11, 2024 @ 21:25)
Is the other beta crew logos still obtainable?

ArcySeguraGaming (January 19, 2024 @ 23:24)
I can try my best don't know if it's possible but i will def try it

Felipao9008 (January 19, 2024 @ 22:11)
Hope you make Eastsiders crew logo from Underground to Carbon

Erce (January 14, 2024 @ 08:01)
Why did you block me on Discord?


Uploaded at: January 07, 2024 @ 22:27