Hyper's Progression Overhaul by hypeeerspeed

Category: Miscellaneous | Game: Need for Speed: Underground 2

Hyper's Progression Overhaul


Hi! This mod aims to overhaul some of the grindy aspects of the game that didn't age well today with some QoL improvements while being vanilla friendly.

What's Changed?

  • Most of the URL events are removed from progression. Each stage now has two URL races to pass. No cutscene has been removed.

  • Decreased the amount of regular races that need to be completed in a stage significantly.

  • Decreased the lap count of circuit races and URL races significantly.

  • Decreased the amount of outrun victories needed to unlock unique parts.

  • Part unlocks now depend on finding shops even more than in vanilla game to have a smoother experience in stages. You will still receive SMS messages about part unlocks occasionally after doing certain races.

  • Some of the sponsor contracts are tweaked.

  • Instead of removing the visual rep I decided to tweak the part reputation so that visual parts still have a use in progression. You should be able to reach 10 stars without butchering the car.

  • Update 1.0.1 Changes:

    *Added an optional handling buff for higher tier vehicles as part of the QoL. Cars like Skyline, Evo, 350Z won't actually drive 7-8 seconds slower than your grocery getter when fully upgraded.

    *Added an option to skip install options.


  • Vanilla/Overhaul
  • URL Race Count: 24/8
  • Regular Race Count: 100/55 + Final Boss
  • Sponsor Race Count: 12/12
  • DVD Count: 10/10
  • Total: 146/85 + 1


  • Read the text when you enter a location for the first time carefully. Otherwise you will miss what has been unlocked.
  • Read the amount of races you need to complete in a stage stated in the contract carefully. If you forget how many races you need to complete in a stage, check under View Rewards > View Signed Sponsors in the garage menu.
  • Only english localization is supported, at least for now.


  • Open Binary and select user mode. (All credits go to Maxhwoy, main developer of Binary tool. Also 2.8.3 is ideal version, 2.9.0 isn't tested with this mod.)
  • Select "ScriptRunner.end".
  • Select your UG2 directory from your computer.
  • Select your option.
  • Save when asked.
  • Profit!


Q: Is new profile required?
A: Yes.

Q: Career Status (F4) shows I still need to complete X amount of races in stage A but sponsor contract says complete Y amount of races. Which one is true?
A: Stick to terms in the contract. The career tab is either hard coded/haven't found a way to change the event wins UI.

Q: Is this compatible with X, Y or Z?
A: Mods that don't touch URL races should be compatible. A slight heads up for addon car mods, you might need to tweak the GCarUnlocks yourself since some URL events are removed.


  • Stage 4 contract in the garage menu.

  • Hero's Skyline replica with 10 star rating.


VileStuff (February 22, 2024 @ 04:26)
Genuinely such an underrated mod. I love it, thank you for making 100%ing the game so much more tolerable.

hypeeerspeed (February 08, 2024 @ 12:46)
@skylex12dark Glad to hear it!

skylex12dark (February 07, 2024 @ 21:54)
Completed the game for the first time with your mod and because of your mod. Thanks a lot for this!

hypeeerspeed (January 13, 2024 @ 21:13)
@MisfortuneSeven I'm not sure if the game goes back to stage 1, but the game does clear all the events from the map after you do the last URL in stage 5, which could the reason to only showcase the final boss fight, intended by the devs.

hypeeerspeed (January 13, 2024 @ 21:06)
@MisfortuneSeven No

Uploaded at: January 08, 2024 @ 01:02