Animated Billboards & Neon Signs for u2 by i wish

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Animated Billboards & Neon Signs for u2


TexWizard graphics + Animated Billboards and some Neon Signs + fixed reshade 6.0.0


R-033 and nlgxzef creators TexWizard, CiPHER - RETEX MW (some world textures), creators High Vision (main roads and some world textures) creators DEFINITIVE EDITION (url roads and some world textures) authors rtx Remix textures
Asc, Pain - help with HxD Hex and animation
blueskywestside, terminatorvasya for help
frexellia - permission to use ready-made textures
doitsujin - developers d3d9.dll for Vulkan
Dpakc - for the config for the Vulkan

unpack program 7z, not Windows
Make a backup copy of the your game.
Move all files from archive, confirming replacement.
remove re-shade .ini files if you don't need it or don't like it
If the game does not start, you have a weak PC and video card. This mod is not for you. Perhaps deleting the "d3d9.dll" file will help if you like playing with constant crashes

files affected by this mod on the nfsu2 folder path : "LOC4DYNTEX.BIN" in "TRACKS\LOC4DYNTEX.BIN", "SPEED2.EXE", "d3d9.dll" and "dxvk.conf" for Vulkan, "reshade-shaders" folder, "TexWizard" in "scripts" folder,

I authorize use in all free modifications indicating all the people listed in the Credits/authors

The mod is in the "abandoned" category, so you won't see any updates or fixes or new additions soon.
Now all the time and effort is spent on 3D modeling, I plan to add balloons cut from the release versions by the end of January, if I can figure it out and get permission for this.
See you

Discord iwish6768


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Uploaded at: January 14, 2024 @ 17:10