Infiniti G35 Performance change&buff by SUPURli

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Infiniti G35 Performance change&buff


Sorry for my bad english,some word will using translation software

Infiniti G35,a car that only thing same with 350Z is the engine.However in NFSC,G35 was the worst car in T3,a friend of mine said this car is too weak to against even T2 car.So I wrote this .nfsms file to buff G35.Doesn't buff too much but it should got enough power to against other T3 on normal race.

I'll write every changes here. Alonst every performance change will effect both stock&upgrades


now RacingTier down to 2 (it's T2 now),also means every upgrades number also down to 2
cost down to 50000
increase engine power.Torque number similar to 350Z,however I also change the posision so perfect zone will be higher.RPM also higher (just add 100)
increase turbo boost
increase AERO_COEFFICIENT value
increase STEERING value
decrease FRONT_WEIGHT_BIAS value

Not sure will be pro or con:

very slightly increase car mass(1581----1593)
increase SPRING_PROGRESSION value when upgrades
very slightly increase HandlingRating[1]
SECTION_WIDTH and RIM_SIZE change,now both value will be same as in real world
TurboSND[2] change


increase SPOOL value meaning turbo will intervene later than vanilla
transmission will be 5-speed now and any upgrade won't change it(will definitely slow you down since most of time you don't need to use 5th gear and 4th gear might too wide to face the track.Although now top speed can reach 322KM/H when full upgraded,no tuning and on automatic )

Installation......just like any other .nfsms file,open your Vlted,then import this script,save,and enjoy
remember to make a backup before install
Tools Used:NFS-Vlted


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Uploaded at: February 02, 2024 @ 17:00