8K & 4K Remade Textures 1.1 [NFS MW] by CaptainTany

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8K & 4K Remade Textures 1.1 [NFS MW]

This is a work in progress texture mod for Most Wanted. The mod uses Xbox 360 Stuff 3.2 Beta's NextGenGraphics.asi to replace the textures so you will need it to install this mod.
-->Mainly right now it covers all of the roads, some sidewalks, cliffs, the whole golf course, grass, beach textures, dirt textures, beautiful vegetation textures by @awentador and some more but there's more to come.

IMPORTANT: Install a 4GB Patch for Most Wanted before installing this pack to avoid crashes you can easily find it on google. And yes because this pack is heavy it could crash while using HEAVY Reshade presets at the startup. Install this mod on a clean copy ONLY if you're experiencing strange bugs or issues related to textures.

To install the pack just go into the NextGenGraphics folder->TexturePacks->Xbox 360 Look-> And extract both Textures folder and TextureInfo.json file in the 8k Remade Textures.zip file and replace. The TextureInfo.json file is necessary to replace because I remade a few textures which were not present in the 3.2 Beta mod but were a major part of the world like the player's safehouse exterior floor texture.

Update 1.1 Changelog:-
A few new textures have been added but the MAJOR change is the introduction of the 4K version of the textures for better loading and performance.

Credits:- @awentador for the vegetation and all the creators of the Xbox 360 Stuff 3.2 Beta mod.
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CaptainTany (March 29, 2024 @ 04:29)
@Turbo2000 What ? I might have missed previous comments but do you have a question?

Turbo2000 (March 08, 2024 @ 10:58)
@CaptainTany dude?

Turbo2000 (February 27, 2024 @ 12:04)
@CaptainTany I installed it on 4 GB patch speed and had no problems with my game.

CaptainTany (February 26, 2024 @ 17:33)
@Turbo2000 What was the problem and how did you solved it ? Mention in the comments so anyone with same problem can know.

Turbo2000 (February 25, 2024 @ 16:34)
Dude, I finally managed to install the mod :)