Complete Police Variety Enhancement by Mila SwiftlySenpai

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Complete Police Variety Enhancement

Completely Redone how the PCPD Police Force Works. They won't be as easy getting away from as there will be police ranging from the locals, the state, and the feds/swat and then to eventually Everyone!
Heres a list of what things that this mod has to offer:
- Amplified Police Siren Sounds
- Any Cop Can go over 230 mph
- Cops Got a lot more tactical and aggressive
- Buffed the spike block roablock chances
- Added Handbrake and Pit chances
- Killswitch Jammer is Recommended and wont be useless anymore
- Un Nerfed Helicopters (At Least 5 minutes of gasoline and a 60 second cooldown)
- You get extra repairs (why not? you should be able to fight back instead of balling up on the floor and dying lol)
- Cops do more damage
- Added Local Police, State Troopers, Federal Units, and Decepticon Units
- Shaw, Eva, And Mercer Will be On you from even Heat level 1!
- At Night Both Professional and Decepticon HSTF Units will be dispatched at the Max Heat
- Police got some new liveries

Its much more fun trying to escape these cops under a 400+ rated vehicle or if you're crazy, beating the game from start to finish with this mod.
Improved All Nos Auxileries, you can go full nos setup and just speed away from these cops, but you run the risk of eating a lot of damage if you get hit or getting insta KS.
Improved The Damage Increase and reduction upgrades by 25-50%
Shaw And Toress Both have the Damage Increase upgrade while mercer will have the damage reduction upgrade.

I have made a balanced version and a less spikestrips version of this mod incase this mod is too hard to deal with. (basically 3 options you can choose from)
The balanced version is pretty much the most realistic one and less difficult while the endgame version is the most over the top hardest one of the 3 options.


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Uploaded at: February 07, 2024 @ 03:28