Lamborghini Diablo SV (Color Pack) by TechExtreme

Category: Textures | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)

Lamborghini Diablo SV (Color Pack)


In 2018, I have created texture mods. In 2024, I am sharing them all! :)

This is one of the original released texture mods. Reuploaded for everyone to use!

Video Preview:
Click here!

UPDATE 1.5.1
Added Colors (Requested by IsaacElite10)
+ Black and Red
+ Black and White

UPDATE 1.2 - Removed duplicate archives and fixed a missing car color file.

Colors Included:
  • Black and Red
  • Black and White
  • Blue and Red
  • Cherry Red and White
  • Dark Blue and Red
  • Dark Red and Blue
  • Deep Blue and Black
  • Light Gray and Red
  • Light Green and White (TechExtreme's Pick)
  • Lime Green and Black
  • Orange and White
  • Pink and White

  • Supernova

    (Blue Neons not included - tutorial soon...)
  • Nova Black
    (Supernova texture but minimalized)

Moar colors coming shortly! (For real this time lol)


IsaacElite10 (March 22, 2024 @ 00:39)
Thank you very much, it has worked without problems for me, and don't worry, take the necessary time and I wish you the best in your future projects.

TechExclusive (March 21, 2024 @ 05:23)
@IsaacElite10 The colors you requested are now ready :)

TechExclusive (February 19, 2024 @ 06:56)
Hello Isaac, thanks for your comment! It is possible to change the color, however, I will need to retrain myself texture modding to create new ones. Soon enough, I will be making a texture modding tutorial in nfsmw12. In the meantime, I will update here when I make those colors for you! :)

IsaacElite10 (February 16, 2024 @ 18:04)
beautiful, but can and does it have the possibility to put black and red (inspired by NFS 3 Hot pursuit PC) and also put black and white? It would be great if you added it

Uploaded at: February 08, 2024 @ 05:20


5e16e2-Diablo SV Colors 1.5.1 (Hero).7z (Size: 20.53MB) Latest Version
186bda-Diablo SV Colors 1.5 (Hero).7z (Size: 21.1MB) Old Version
5f8dda-Diablo SV Colors 1.2 (Hero).7z (Size: 21.33MB) Old Version