NFSU2 - English Subtitles Fixed by VileStuff

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NFSU2 - English Subtitles Fixed


By VileStuff (Message me on Discord for any questions/issues/suggestions)

Underground 2 was a very rushed game, and one of the features that suffered as a result was accessibility;
the game's subtitles are completely inaccessible without mods, and even then, they are nearly completely unfinished.
This mod fixes them for the English version; the introduction PSA, game mode tutorials, story cutscenes, everything.
I've also added every character's name to every line to make it more clear who's speaking.


- Install NFSU2 Extra Options if you don't have it already. In the .ini, under [Menu], set "ShowSubs" to 1.
- Extract "English Subtitles Fixed (v1.0).7z".
- With Binary v2.8.3, select user mode.
- Select "EnglishSubtitlesFixed.end" in the extracted folder.
- Select your Underground 2 game directory.
- Save files when asked.
- Enjoy the mod!


MaxHwoy for Binary 2.8.3

Use my mods how you please; all I ask is that you credit me, please. Do NOT monetize it or claim it as your own.
If your name starts with "GAME" and ends with "TEST", do not use my mods whatsoever.


megusvae (February 11, 2024 @ 17:15)
love it <3

Diogo (February 11, 2024 @ 15:52)
Even better that's a binary installation

Antonio (February 10, 2024 @ 20:41)
Let's go!

Uploaded at: February 09, 2024 @ 00:44