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An open source graphical interface for vault editing.

1. Download Attribulator 2.0.
2. Extract archive to any folder.
3. Extract OGVI archive to the same folder (agree to replace files).
4. Run OGVI.exe.
5. [Optional] Install .Net Core 3.1.

You are NOT allowed to distribute or reupload this tool.

Attribulator by NFSTools.
VaultLib by NFSTools .
WPFDarkTheme by REghZy .
VLT Hashes by 379felipe.

For any questions and details on how to use - join my Discord server.

Made by ARCHIE

Update 1.1:
- Fixed import window, when closed it no longer imports script.
- Fixed crash when editing optional field.


Archie (February 21, 2024 @ 16:00)
Most of the mod will need to be adjusted

senpaidarken (February 21, 2024 @ 15:52)
will vlted mods work in attribulator or they have to be remade for attribulator?

stopbreathing (February 20, 2024 @ 20:45)
I recently installed a chip from Elon Musk, I hope that in the future this program will automatically make the mods that I need when I connect to it

Slashur (February 16, 2024 @ 12:48)
The program does not start, I installed all the necessary libraries, what is the problem?

YochiThMaster333 (February 14, 2024 @ 14:26)
@hiddenmask58 This is GUI for Attribulator (the tool that is meant to replace NFS-VltEd, as people say that VltEd makes the game less stable (something I did not encounter in my game copies since I install fewer VltEd-related mods)), which only worked with command lines until now, where the GUI can truly replace NFS-VltEd.

Uploaded at: February 11, 2024 @ 00:40


0321af-OGVI_1.1.zip (Size: 1.43MB) Latest Version
fba24b-OGVI_1.0.zip (Size: 1.42MB) Old Version
18a3a6-Attribulator.UI_0.3.zip (Size: 1.36MB) Old Version