Better Decals Pack Plus V2 for NFS Unbound by TurboZino

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Better Decals Pack Plus V2 for NFS Unbound

Anyone without the mod will not see the changes as they will load the vanilla decals, which may look broken on their end, if you're gonna share something, make sure it is within closed friends with the mod!
Stickers are visible to other players while online, however remember to use it with caution

A Mod Built upon engetsuka's original mod "Better Decals Pack" for NFS Unbound.
Currently replacing 142 Decals in total. with more to be updated soon.

**NOTE: If you've made designs using "Legacy Better Decals" It is recommended you tweak some designs as resolutions and placement of the decals have changed ever so slightly**
**You can still Download Legacy Better Decals in: and it will be continiously supported**

Most of the decals replaced are Payback Team decals (i.e. One Percent Club, Diamond Block), Youtubers
(No hard feelings and no disrespect) FLGNTLT and certain Zilla Decals that can be easily replicated, so most commonly used base game decals remain.
Non-brand shaped/design colored decals (e.g., dragon, blacklist decals, etc.) are located in the Codemasters decal category since they replace DiRT 5 decals.

Additional Credits:
Engetsuka - Original Mod
Ziimbian - support and suggestions
NEO_Noisebomb - Red Bull Bull decal
Prog_Abaddon - After Mix logo Recreation

- Fixed an issue that's been present since 2015. The Status Error Kanji Decal is now colorable like it was supposed to be, you're welcome Criterion
- Modified the RTR American Flag decal to be stretchable and mirrorable, this is due to the Backwards flag being replaced, for those that use it in their designs, just flip it.

Known Bugs/Issues:
- A few replaced decals carry Mirroring properties from their base decals; most are not mirrorable or stretchable (with the intentional exception of pattern decals such as the dragon or samurai). If you would like to have all decal restrictions removed, I would recommend downloading ARCHIE's NFS Unbound Camera Toolkit (, which removes all restrictions.

-Some decals are crusty or low resolution, this was unavoidable for some logos due to lack of decent source images. But they look fine as long as they're not extremely scaled up.

-Thumbnails may not be of good quality due to the program I use to compress the logos, If you like to contribute and improve this, let me know, this is the part I'm least proud of...

Please let @zinospool know of any other bugs/errors you find.

All logos and designs are property of their respective rightholders.

Happy Livery Making


- Updated Compatibility with Volume 7.1

-Updated Compatibility with Volume 7 Hotfix update
-Updated Compatibility with Volume 7

-Updated Compatibility with Volume 6.1 (Sorry for the wait, wasn't home for a while)

- Overhauled sticker selection
- Restored NFS Generic Brands and replaced Payback team decals instead.
- Added 50 new decals
- Downscaled the resolution of some decals to Optimize performance in lower end PCs


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Uploaded at: February 29, 2024 @ 03:21


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a100ba-BetterDecalsV2.rar (Size: 21.87MB) Old Version
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