[NFSC] VFX Revamp by NoXu

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[NFSC] VFX Revamp

NOTE : Ill never able to make Hotfixes anymore due to it being Time consuming and Quite annoying to do. Ill post next Bug/Glitch Fixes on the Next Update Instead.
  • Camera Shake, add's a little bit Modern Need for speed sense of speed as you ramp up the throtle.
  • Revamped Tire Smoke, to turn the game into a Drift Sim type of stuff
  • Dynamic Backfire and also, they work with ECv3 new adition seperate Backfire and nitrous sprite
  • and Ofcourse, all of these is Customizeable. you can Turn on or Turn off each feature that you like to use.

    DISCLAIMER !This mod Could Potentialy Cause Epilepsy or Trigger Seizures. Use at your own Risk's

    Tool Required :

    Update Log
    Minor 0.6
    • Changed the Sprite used to make central fire.

    if you Find any Bug/glitch, Please Submit it on Our Discord Server Complete with Screenshots and How to Replicate the Glitch. Also, Since im still experimenting with this mod, its highly Recomended for you to leave me a Review or even suggestion for this mod. Im open to such suggestion.


Noru (March 01, 2024 @ 15:24)
the back fire isnt perfect yet since the main source of this is Gonne with the HDD. and i rushed this one to mimic the old one.

HellRaven (March 01, 2024 @ 10:01)
Nice work man. I really like the smoke and camshake effect.
But the Backfire needs some work. Elsewise really good


Uploaded at: February 29, 2024 @ 10:50