Stock Wheels For All by Cringeneer

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Stock Wheels For All


Both Wheel swap and Rims Extention updated to Vol7.2.0 update
Updated Wheels Pack to get rid of exclamation mark in FMM
New Add-On extends the Vol.7 SSR SuperStar, SSR Speedstar and Work Equip 03 size options. Now this rims are able to be up to 21"

Subaru Impreza 2006 - HRE S107
Subaru Impreza 2010 - Vorsteiner VSE002
Pagani Huayra BC rear wheels - Weds Vishunu
Nissan GT-R R32 - SSR NR840 MS

Added DeLorean rear wheels replacing the Panda wheels
Added Chevy's Colorado wheels replacing Weld Rekon B57B

Added Offroad 01 (aka Police offroads) - Cosmis S1

Added Lambo Aventador SV Wheels replacing Cosmis VCPN5R

Added Ferrari F40 Wheels replacing Fifteen52 F40s
Added Plymouth Barracuda Wheels replacing Vossen CV3

Added McLaren P1 GTR Wheels that replace Fifteen52 Teardrops

Basically I just CMI swapped the most ugly wheels for being able to use some stock wheels on any car.

There's full list of swaps:
Urus set_A (Standarts)- BBS CC-R
Urus set_X (from the Hugosilvadesigns kit) - HRE 505
Taycan set_A -Vorsteiner VSE001
918 Spyder - HRE S201H
718 Spyder rear wheels - Rotiform HUR-T Custom Forged
GT-R R35 Nismo - Nismo GT4 (Only available for Nissans)
Maybach set_A (Standart)- Weds Rekon B58B
Aventador SVJ - Bleeding heart 1pc
Camaro Z28 (2014) - Bleeding heart deep dishes
Lamborghini Diablo rear wheels - fifteen52 Tarmac Cast
BMW M4 666 style (The GTS ones) - SSR mk3

Some wheels can be adjusted because they look funny, but for the most part I've removed this option

To install the mod:
1. Drop an .fbmod file from archive to your PC
2. Open FrostyModManager
3. Click "Add Mod(s)" button and choose "CMI_Stock_Wheels121.fbmod"
4. Apply mod through the Mod Manager
5. Enjoy

Thanks to NFSLYY for helping me with the basics


Sirocc (March 21, 2024 @ 06:07)
Oh they are great as well, but i wanted to recreate a certain homage spec of the aventador S, hence why the sv wheels
Happy to hear that, in any case thanks a lot! :)

Cringeneer (March 19, 2024 @ 05:54)
Isn't the SVJ wheels enough to? Probably will do

Sirocc (March 19, 2024 @ 05:11)
Hey do you happen to have discord? I would love to have Aventador Sv wheels on Aventador S coupe + roadster. Is that something you could do? Thanks! :)

Cringeneer (March 14, 2024 @ 13:17)
As I understand it isn't belongs to shared category, so there's high chance that it's impossible to do

IgorBR (March 12, 2024 @ 20:26)
Hello, I really liked the mod, but would it be possible to add the wheels (GT-R R35 Nismo) to the Mitsubishi Eclipse? in a future update

Uploaded at: March 04, 2024 @ 04:02


a37db6-CMIWheelsV1.24.1Vol7.2.rar (Size: 22.61KB) Latest Version
00f03c-CMIWheelsV1.24.1.rar (Size: 22.61KB) Old Version
a02e4b-CMIWheelsV1.24.rar (Size: 19.12KB) Old Version