Legendary Rival Racers by Mila SwiftlySenpai

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Legendary Rival Racers

Tired of Racers Being absolute useless when you race them in a Maxed Out Vehicle?
With this Mod That all changes! Every Racer in S+ Class will now be 400+ Maxed out with all performance upgrades equipped In some of the most iconic cars throughout the NFS Franchise. Best to use mod when in Endgame, this might brake qualifiers and the grand.
Every S+ Racer Has a Legendary Iconic NFS Car with fully Maxed out Parts. I have also brought in new S+ Racers That will breath some fresh air being Anechka, Yaz, Tess And Rydell. Every Racer Now Has boosted Rubberbanding to make things much more interesting! I Had also made custom Profiles for all of the added racers which can be seen inside of the meetups.

Anechka - Eddie's Skyline
Yaz - Joe's Polestar
Rydell - BMW M3 GTR
Tess - Rachel's 350z
Shimizu - Darius' Audi R8
Medusa - HP 2010 Murcialago
Asap Rocky - Lamborghini Huracan

Also Made S Tier quite a Bit harder
S Class Racers Added:
Kai - R32 Skyline
Ronnie - R35 GTR NISMO
RS01 Jake - Custom Viper
Eleonore, Chase, and Lyric Got some small buffs to make sure they kept up with the big 3 in S
Medusa Now Drives Ferrari 458 Italia

A+ Class Buffs:
Chacha Has New Z (A+)
Medusa Rx7 Now In A+
Dal Rae Now has a silvia s14(B to A+)
Buffed Youmna & Maya A+
Boost has been included in A+
Maya Now Has A Honda NSX-R 1992

For B and A Class I made sure Dal Rae and Boost Would Be Competitive Because Waru And Obi Needed Some Company In the Low Tiers

UNITE Compatible
NOT Compatible With Extreme Stance Mods

Added MCLA SlipStream Buildup Nos! Yellow Burst Nos will Fill just as fast as it does in midnight club!
Don't Worry, Other Racers & Cops Can Do The Same Thing & They Will Fly By You In No Time!!

DON'T EVEN Think about going online with this mod, I made Sure The Game Will be stuck on the Matchmaking Screen When you Try To Join An Online Lobby. That MCLA NOS Would Be Unfair Online...

All Racers Have Realistic Smoke Effects!
Most Likely Compatable with mods that add more S+ Races and events, Enjoy!

V2.81 was an emergency patch to fix random crashing on certain events*
Vol 7, Removed Weight Reductions as they sometimes makes some cars janky to drive. Buffed rubberbanding of ai racers and made their nos stronger... Most Racers That Drive JDM Cars Now Have NEONS!


MilaSwiftlySenpai (April 26, 2024 @ 00:23)
Rachel's 350z is back as the flaws of it have been fixed*

MilaSwiftlySenpai (March 30, 2024 @ 07:21)
Rachel's 350z used to be here. problem was it just kept spinning out and was nowhere near fast enough no matter what i did to it. The second I find out how to fix its flaws, it will be back soon

Wixel4 (March 24, 2024 @ 14:10)
Imagine if Rachel's 350Z was here

MisfortuneSeven (March 07, 2024 @ 18:30)
Wondering how you pulled this off. Adjusting rivals and their cars was something I wanted to figure out how to do (I have a weird fixation with adjusting or adding AI presets).

Uploaded at: March 04, 2024 @ 04:57


0f470d-Legendary Rival Racers Vol7.1.0.zip (Size: 3.67MB) Latest Version
6c042c-Legendary Rival Racers Vol7.zip (Size: 3.67MB) Old Version
8abdbb-Legendary Rival Racers V2.81.zip (Size: 3.28MB) Old Version