[Carbon] Most Wanted CAMERAS by Antonio Moment

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[Carbon] Most Wanted CAMERAS

About the mod

All of us who ever played NFS Most Wanted, appreciated how fast-paced it felt on gameplay. Unfortunately, this was not the same for its direct sequel, NFS Carbon, as we noticed the first time we ever played it.

Well, not anymore! Here you can find the 1:1 AttribSys values exctracted directly from Most Wanted, ready to apply on this game. Once applied, you should notice a quite better sense of speed!


Known issues

The only one in mind for now, is the absence of the "zooming in" effect from Most Wanted and even Underground saga, when we decelerate and we see the car getting way closer than usual until stopping.

As far as I have been told, this is due to the corresponding parameter being hardcoded inside of MW executable, so it must be archieved back on Carbon through an ASI script (beyond my knowledge, unfortunately).


The instructions are inside the "readme.txt" file from the file you are about to download. All I can (and must) say in advance, is to download OGVI by Archie (if you do not have it yet) before proceeding to install the mod (because NFS-VltEd is obsolete and unstable for this game, thus no longer recommended).

Hope you enjoy it!


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Uploaded at: March 05, 2024 @ 07:16