Black background in virtual space by HarGabt

Category: Interfaces | Game: Need for Speed: Unbound

Black background in virtual space



Basically, this mod changes the background colour of the virtual space (garage) from its default grey-ish to black.
If only I knew how to replace background text's colour as well. If you do know how, write down there in the comments so I can update the mod.

The reason for this mod to exist is Max_91_Ita's mod being outdated and thus buggy with causing unnecessary colouring some of game prompts, making them unreadable, especially when you're in a lobby.


You'll need selphea's fork of Frosty Mod Manager 1.0.7 that is compatible with Volume 6 update, and which you have to either compile or ask for a precompiled build, as it is not readily available.


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Uploaded at: March 06, 2024 @ 12:22