Sankei's Custom Decals by Sankei

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Sankei's Custom Decals

Replaces a huge variety of decals and thumbnails for more real-world aftermarket brands, manufacturer logos, and classic UG1 Vinyl's

Ver. - Now adds React/Battle Machine decals. more aftermarket logos and custom made Prostreet character stickers

Ver. Now Compatible with Vol. 7.2.1

Colored Logos and Stickers
Replaces various old stickers and some previous Volume additions for real aftermarket brands such as:
-Nankang and many more!

Tint-able logos and logotypes
Replaces a bunch of youtuber and other group logos and logotypes for more tint-able aftermarket and racing group logos such as:
-Mid Night Racing Team
-Top Secret
-Abflug and many more!

Payback teams and brands
Replaces a bunch of Payback based teams and brands for real Manufacturer logos/logotypes from your favorite brand (or least favorite)
-Mitsubishi and many more

Codemasters decals
Replaces various Codemasters decals for classic UG1 Unique Vinyl's such as:
-Eastesiderz Crew (Kurt,Chad, and Todd)
-Samantha's and Junkman's Neko Racing Vinyl
-Samantha's Custom 5 Vinyl (Ninja Girl)
-Melissa's Unique Eclipse Vinyl from the intro movie of UG1 (Both Blue and Green)
-Legendary Vortex Shogun Vinyl from the intro race of UG1

All of the UG1 vinyl pieces were hand drawn by me, some aftermarket brands and manufacturer logos were found through various sources, some hand made by me since i could not find any vectors of good quality


DISCLAIMER: some of the decals replaced are exclusive from the Vol.5 update, so if you haven't gotten them before it ended, then you will need to get the Vol.5 catch up pack unfortunately, (or if you have a way to get them for free)
sorry, for this inconvenience, but i had some decals that weren't able to apply flipping and i can't change the aspect ratio in Frosty Editor for whatever reason. (i recommend using Archie's Camera Tool to disable decal restrictions)

If you have any suggestions or issues with the mod.
Feel free to DM me on Discord: @jesul


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Uploaded at: March 18, 2024 @ 22:10


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