No Rubberbanding (catch up = off) + less difficult career (Go Underground) by grazy9999

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No Rubberbanding (catch up = off) + less difficult career (Go Underground)

NoRubberbandANDLessDifficultCareer Mod
- unzip mod in folder of your choice (only temporary needed)
- Open Binary (2.8.3 or newer) as an Admin
(Binary 2.8.3 (
- Select User Mode
- Select the "ImportThisOne.end" file (mod)
- Select your game directory where you installed NFS Underground-> root(ignore any errors)
- Save the file

Purpose of the mod:
Make the game more fun and playable with a wheel and pedals.
I made the experience that some race tracks have parts which are much more difficult to master with a steering wheel than with a gamepad.
These are sharp left-hand bends, directly followed by sharp right-hand bends. You can change the steering direction in milliseconds with a gamepad, but not with a steering wheel.
Therefore I reduced the difficulty of the career with lesser skill levels for opponents in later races and circuit races with less laps for reduced frustration.
I played through the whole career with a steering wheel, pedals and this mod and can highly recommend it.

What the mod changes:
Sets : CatchUpMayb -1 for all career races.
Lowers skill Levels for opponents in some late circuit races for: SkillEasy-SkillMedium-SkillHard to Skill 5-6-7
Decreases number of laps in late circuit races.
Changes to description texts for races (menu) seem to have no effect (see "script.end" file)
That means, the laps in the description of the race are still 5 or 6, but when the game started you only have to do 3 laps.

Make your own adjustments:
For details what the mod changes open the "script.end" file with an editor.
If you want to set the AI skill yourself just change the according numbers inside script.end file.
-1 is the defaul value for early career races anyway, so I went with this one.
It seems the skill level range is from 0-9
and CatchUpMayb values range is from -1 to 9


RKBDI (March 25, 2024 @ 20:55)
At this point just remove other cars from races

Uploaded at: March 24, 2024 @ 10:38