PlayStation UI Button Prompts by HarGabt

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PlayStation UI Button Prompts



It does what it says. It replaces Xbox button prompts to PlayStation ones.

This mod was initially based on AntiLoser's PS UI Icons mod, but later on it grew into something more and now it includes more replaced button prompts up to every in-game button prompt the game can have.
Some of the textures were remade or imported from previous NFS titles in order for the mod to be more or less complete.
However, there is still room to make some textures more or less better than they are now.

Known Issues:

- Control prompts of left stick and D-Pad at wrong places — Can't be fixed right now, as user interface blueprints can't be changed due to Frosty Tool Suite 1.0.7 incompletion.
- Menu narration feature still mentions Xbox button prompts - this one is solvable, but with that Lakeshore Online refuses to work.


You'll need selphea's fork of Frosty Mod Manager 1.0.7 that is compatible with Volume 7.1.0 update and newer, and which you have to either compile or ask for a precompiled build, as it is not readily available.

Version history

0.7.7 (June 23, 2024) — Updated L1 and R1 texture prompts so they .
0.7.6 (May 21, 2024) — Compatibility update.
0.7.5 (May 10, 2024) — Fixed the issue with black texture of the gamepad.
0.6.4 (March 25, 2024) — Initial release.


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Uploaded at: March 25, 2024 @ 16:43


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