[NFSMW] Effects Overhaul by Opex Rah aka Fiscal

Category: Any | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

[NFSMW] Effects Overhaul


This mod remakes and improves the game's effects, in a somewhat simple style and inspired by NFS Underground 2 and NFS Carbon.

Version 1.0:
Speedtrap Triggers Effects
Pursuit Breakers Triggers Effects
Carlot Triggers Effects
Safehouse Triggers Effects
Shop Customization Triggers Effects
Cooldown Pursuit Triggers Effects
Circuit Triggers Effects
Sprint Triggers Effects
Lap Knockout Triggers Effects
Drag Triggers Effects
Tollboth Triggers Effects
Rival Race Triggers Effects

Version 1.1:
NOS Effect
World Smoke Effects Fixes
Car Smoke Effects
Debris Effects
Improved Cooldown Pursuit Triggers Effects
Improved Speedtrap Triggers Effects
Race Finish Line Effects (Susceptible to changes, I await your feedback)
Improved Grass Effects
New textures for some effects

Version 1.2:
Fixed binary issues

Version 1.3:
Fixed vlted issues
Added script for 60/40 FPS (Works on OGVI and VLTED)

1. Open your Binary & select "User Mode"
2. Choose "Part 1.end"
3. Select your NFS MW directory
4. Save, but don't run your game yet
5. Close attention:
5.1 If you use VLT-ED, open your VLT-ED and then import the "Part 2 (VLT-ED).nfsms"
5.2 If you use OGVI, open your OGVI and then import the "Part 2 (OGVI).nfsms"
6. Press install then save it
7. Create new savegame and enjoy.

Permissions Granted:
1. To add the mod in modpacks like redux or any other
-- just give me the credits, or I'll send crazy Most Wanted BMW M3 GTR fans to your house, just joke... or not --

FISCAL aka Opex Rah
MaxHwoy - Binary
AJ_Lethal - Binary & VLT Installers template

Plans for future versions:
Make more effects


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RonCol (April 07, 2024 @ 09:12)
Microsoft defender:This is a virus a not virus? pohuy

Uploaded at: March 30, 2024 @ 05:50


29eb6f-Effects Overhaul 1.3.rar (Size: 220.41KB) Latest Version
6443f6-Effects Overhaul 1.2.rar (Size: 219.99KB) Old Version
e34284-Effects Overhaul 1.1.rar (Size: 219.94KB) Old Version