Harder Opponents for ProStreet by raghid0401

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Harder Opponents for ProStreet

Only tweaked the Aggression and Performance Matching for Opponents

I Wanted This Mod to Feel Like an Official Hard Difficulty That The Game Released with.
(the ai tweak mod made by "hypeeerspeed" makes the opponents react weirdly sometimes in my experience).
Its Nothing Extreme, even a new player can still win in first place if he performs well.

This mod Makes All Opponents More Aggressive in Cornering and Passing, and They should stop Getting Scared When You're Side by Side With Them, Just that.
though sometimes they will still brake randomly in speed challenge races, couldn't find a fix for that.

I Tried my Best to Balance the Opponents in all Gamemodes except Drift and Drag.
But the problem is that their performance is different from mode to mode like for example in top speed races the ai is much harder than in speed challenge
its like they have some boost in that specific Gamemode.

You can use a faster car for top speed races and slower car for speed challenge to have More Fun.
Good Luck on top speed races on Challenge events(pre selected cars), those are the Hardest!

The Opponents will still be easy at the start of the game that's just how it is

To Install This Mod You Need to Use NFS-VltEd.

after you open your game directory in VltEd first make sure to make a backup if you dont have one.

then import the harder opponents ModScript and click the install button Then save and you're done!.

Short Race Video Showing off this Mod

Playlist Containing Races with This Mod Installed


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Uploaded at: April 02, 2024 @ 22:05