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UNITE Unbound

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/bTGDXbaEnq
After a long time, a few catastrophic events and a second server, we are finally back and stronger than ever. The UNITE team is hitting the streets of Lakeshore with UNITE Unbound, a full-blown game overhaul that aims to push the boundaries of what's currently possible with the last pre-2.0 version of Frosty Editor.

Full changelog below:


- A number of visuals presets have been updated and some new have been added, all featuring updated road textures to allow for a broader road wetness effect and room for reflection.
- Moody Morning (Morning, New, Optional): This brand new visual setting is for those who seek a colder, moodier morning setting, featuring heavy fog, a low rising sun and wet roads in order to increase its cinematic value.
- Midday (Morning, Reworked, Base): Bloom & general sun values have been slightly decreased, alongside an updated skybox to achieve a more neutral lighting, while still providing a sunny and colorful environment without over-saturation. 1.0 Midday is now available for download separately.
- Late Afternoon (Morning, Reworked, Optional): The main changes include a new and sharper skybox, and with it updated lighting made to better fit the setting.
- Natural Overcast (Overcast, New, Optional): For those who may not be fans of our slightly over dramatic and dark overcast, this setting takes on a more blue-ish, brighter tint with a mainly cloudy sky that leaves room for light to shine through.
- Clear Midnight (Midnight, New, Optional): A new setting which does not differ too much from our base Midnight: rain is disabled and the night sky features a brighter moon and stars.
- Rainy Twilight (Twilight, New, Optional): New twilight setting aimed at those who may prefer a foggier and moodier twilight. Its darkness, heavy rain and colorful skybox all add up to provide one of the most dramatic visual settings yet.

Additional Visuals Changes
- Tweaked skybox for Fall Morning visual preset.
- Updated advertisements on roaming AI vehicles and some billboards.
- Updated Streetlight cones.
- Tweaked garage textures and lighting values.
- Updated Virtual Space wall and reflections.
- Introduced new Screen Space Reflections (SSR) values for all visual presets.
- Updated speedometer & UI accent colors.
- Updated loading screen.
- Updated welcome screen.

- Altered engine sound for BMW M1.
- Altered engine sound for BMW M3 GTR.
- Altered engine sound for Lamborghini Murcielago.
- Altered engine sound for SRT Viper.
- Slightly tweaked engine sound and volume values for BMW M3 Touring.
- Slightly tweaked engine sound and volume values for Ford Mustang Dark Horse (S650).

- Critical damage duration has been tweaked and is now difficulty based.
- Increased overall health.
- Tweaked certain police unit vehicles max speed and acceleration values.

- New animated UNITE license plate is available in singleplayer.
- Tweaked BMW M3 Touring tailights and headlights.
- Tweaked Ford Mustang Dark Horse (S650) tailights and headlights.
- Unlocked Speed Pass customization parts for BMW M3 Touring & Ford Mustang Dark Horse (S650).
- Updated Ferrari F40 rear grille transparency.
- Removed Heritage Edition trim on Nissan 370Z in order to fix a bug with the doors when the trim was removed.
- Work Meister L1 rims now available on all cars.
- RTR rims now available for Ford Mustang Dark Horse (S650).
- The following rims are now available on all cars with updated sizing options:
  • Work Equip
  • SSR Speedstar
  • SSR Superstar

- New custom cars are now available to purchase:
  • Melissa's Custom Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
  • Racer X's Custom Nissan Silvia K's (S14)
  • Speed Pass Drift spec BMW M3 Touring
  • Speed Pass Drift spec Ford Mustang Dark Horse (S650)
  • Speed Pass Drag spec BMW M3 Touring
  • Speed Pass Drag spec Ford Mustang Dark Horse (S650)
- New custom UNITE tailights available for Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4

- Handling changes are now available as a separate downloadable mod (Revamped Handling) NOTE: This mod will be disabled if used alongside the Online Patch add-on
- Drift Pro tires are now available for purchase in singleplayer.
- Added "Ferrari F136 4.5L V8 (458)" engine swap option to Corvette C8 and C8 Convertible (Singleplayer only)
- Added "Ford Coyote 5L V8 (Mustang Dark Horse)" engine swap option to Ford GT (Singleplayer only)
- New engine swap! the legendary Audi 2.5L I5 TFSI quattro S Tronic engine is coming to UNITE Unbound and is available for the following vehicles (Singleplayer only):
  • Acura RSX
  • Aston Martin DB5
  • Audi RS6
  • Audi S5
  • BMW I8
  • BMW M1
  • BMW M2 Competition 2018
  • BMW M2 2023
  • BMW M3 E30
  • BMW Z4
  • Ford Focus RS
  • Ford Mustang Foxbody
  • Honda Civic Type R '00
  • Honda Civic Type R '15
  • Mazda MX-5 '96
  • Mazda MX-5 '15
  • Mercedes A45
  • Mercedes 190E
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse
  • Nissan 240z
  • Nissan Skyline "Hakosuka" KPGC10
  • VW Beetle
  • VW Golf '74
  • VW Golf Clubsport
  • Volvo 242
  • Volvo Amazon

- Replaced 2 very useless newly introduced stickers in favor of Brembo and Sparco stickers.
- New "Remove activities" optional mod available.
- Revised Singleplayer starter cars pool to offer a broader, pre-customized vehicle selection.
- Tweaked certain night events' payout and fixed game economy for B tier events.
- Slightly tweaked camera FoV values
- Slightly tweaked far camera placement values for the following vehicles:
  • Chevrolet Colorado ZR2
  • Ford F150 Raptor
  • Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR


- Replaced 2 very useless newly introduced stickers in favor of Brembo and Sparco stickers.
- Removed unintended performance improvements to car tiers and aerodynamics
- Fixed audio bug
- Reverted Porsche Taycan (2022) reverse gear to work as intended
- Fixed events teleporting the player to a different race route
- Reverted police related auxillary parts, police damage and busting times to vanilla
- DLC cars and other items will no longer be awarded upon entering Lakeshore online in order to avoid save synchronization issues


- Reverted SSR changes in all visual presets to avoid car ghosting
- Lowered sun effects in Dramatic Dawn


- Altered engine and gear whine sounds for BMW M3 GTR (2005)
- Altered engine sound for Subaru Impreza WRX STI (2006)
- Altered engine sound for 2JZ-GTE
- Lowered Elite Screw Supercharger sound
- Lowered Elite Twin Turbo sound
- Slightly lowered global overrun noise
- Reverted gear shift sounds to vanilla


- Toned down the police difficulty further on Relaxed and Challenging.
- On Intense difficulty, players have more health now. Gas station repairs refill quicker and repair kits activate faster.
- Fixed an issue with the game crashing if the heat dropped after losing a pursuit and the player triggers a new one right after (Online included).


- Fixed an issue with C class races not unlocking for some players in the first week.
- Solved an issue causing each lap's last checkpoint in the Scenic Route C tier race to not register once crossed


- Fixed some engine names
- Fixed an issue causing the BMW M2 Coupé Vol 5 Edition (2023) to display a higher than intended top speed in the garage
- Fixed wrong thumbnails for some decals in the wrap editor
- Removed Porsche 718 Spyder (2019) rims on other Porsche Cayman models
- Solved an issue that was causing some cars to clip on certain parts of the map due to low suspensions. The cars affected by this are as follows:
- Audi R8 Coupé V10 Performance Quattro (2019)
- BMW M3 E46 (2006)
- Mazda RX-7 Spirit R (2002)


  • The garage look has been revamped, with tweaks to its night time and day time lighting and textures.
  • Many billboards and adverts have been replaced.
  • Parts of the HUD have been redone through texture replacements and color shifts.

    Visuals have been revamped across the board, removing excessive filters and offering tweaks to all 6 time of day settings and making them all part of the game calendar. The visual changes are as follows:

    • Morning: Now considered "midday", sun intensity and position, along with shadows and fog, have been greatly modified to provide a more natural look to the game's sunny setting
    • Overcast: Now considerably more moody and dramatic, this offering directly contrasts the bright and natural look of the midday setting
    • Dawn: Now considered "sunset", small effects have generally been reduced and the overall setting has been made brighter as it is now considered a daytime setting
    • Midnight: This setting has been designed to look as cinematic as possible, making it the darkest out of all other settings but also making street lights brighter and bloomier in order to not hinder the racing experience
    • Twilight: Now featuring a more blue-ish hue, inspired by the Franklin Terrace morning setting, one of the boroughs of Ventura Bay (NFS15 Map)
    • Dusk: Similar to our midnight setting, this has also been made darker, but only enough to appear more like a real night and not making it hard to see the world

    These Time of Day settings will not be randomized in the game calendar. Meaning that for example, for any given week every Tuesday night during week 2 will feature the midnight setting and every Thursday day during week 3 will feature the overcast setting and so on.


    Maintaining but most importantly enhancing one of UNITE's biggest staples, almost all car sounds (engine, exhaust, induction, backfire) have been replaced/improved. Cars are now louder across the board, featuring louder backfire with rerouted and louder turbo and supercharger noises for different upgrade tiers. We recommend NOT messing with the tone exhaust tuning slider to ensure the best sound experience.


    • Visual car customization has been improved, featuring hidden parts, like Ana's Nissan 350Z bodykit and many more, being able to individually select every part of a bodykit to mix and match different ones and being able to apply different stock parts across variants of the same car. Many cars now also have brand new engine swaps, including a Rimac Concept_Two electric engine swap for all cars and 2 speed gearbox, LFA and Supra engine swaps, alongside drivetrain swaps and much more.
    • New rims are also available for all cars, featuring cut Infinity Rims and A$AP Rocky's Fifteen52 Holeshot RSR 3Pc rims for both front and rear plus a few original additions.
    • Parts of the HUD have been redone through texture replacements and color shifts.
    • The "Custom Cars" dealership section has been updated with a plethora of new cars ranging from the AI's cars to other notable pre-customized cars from game updates and such. Have a look for yourself and see what you like.


    • Lakeshore PD's presence on the street has been reduced, making it much less common having to take the long way to a meetup, but massively ramped up the difficulty once in a high heat chase.
    • More cop cars will show up, with more reinforcement waves in-between heat levels and more common tactical manouvers. At the same time though, throughout the story lower car tier events will barely increase your heat level, this can be used tactically in a way to get just enough cash per day through shorter lower tier events and not taking too much of a risk.
    • We still recommend to watch out for the Street Racing Unit though. They don't play around.
    • On the topic of races, 45+ new races have been added, including Lakeshore online races being carried into the singleplayer and fully original races made by the UNITE team featuring custom, never seen before routes.


    • Speed limit has been removed.
    • Traction control is now a 10-step slider.
    • Downforce and steering sensitivity minimum and maximum values have been expanded.
    • Most cars' engines' max horsepower and final drive ratios have been tweaked.
    • Disabling Brake to Drift in the Handling Tuning menu will now completely prevent the car from entering a drift.
    • Burst nitrous is now more powerful. Although this gets rid of being able to use it to "shoot" your car in a certain direction in the middle of a turn but instead causes your car to spin out now, this change allows for higher top speeds and more critical thinking on the player's part about figuring out when the best moment to use it comes.

      Small handling changes have been made to selected cars. These changes aim at making cars easier to drive in both grip and drift styles. These cars have been designed to have an easier time withstanding bumps through softer suspensions and easier to initialize and maintain drifts. The list of cars with tweaked handling as of now includes:

      • Aston Martin Vulcan (2016)
      • Audi R8 Coupe V10 Performance Quattro (2019)
      • Audi RS 6 Avant (2020)
      • BMW i8 Coupe (2018)
      • BMW M1 (1981)
      • BMW M2 Competition (2019)
      • BMW M2 Coupe (2023)
      • BMW M3 E46 (2006)
      • BMW M3 Coupe (2010)
      • Bugatti Chiron Sport (2019)
      • Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport (2017)
      • Ferrari F40 (1987)
      • Honda NSX R (1992)
      • Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 (2021)
      • Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary (1988)
      • Lamborghini Huracan RWD (2015)
      • Lotus Emira (2021)
      • Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 (1988)
      • Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX (1999)
      • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (2008)
      • NISSAN GT-R Premium Edition (2017)
      • NISSAN 350Z (2008)
      • NISSAN Skyline GT-R V-Spec (1999)
      • NISSAN Skyline GT-R V-Spec (1993)
      • NISSAN 180SX Type X (1996)
      • NISSAN Silvia K's (1998)
      • NISSAN Silvia Spec.R Aero (2002)
      • Porsche 918 Spyder (2015)
      • Subaru Impreza WRX STI (2006)

      Please note that these handling changes are not final. The community's feedback on this is crucial and this feature's future depends on it.

    • The Extreme stance add-on is back, and you know what that means. Tweak ride height, rake, camber, track width and tire diameter to your liking.

      Note: Will not work on cars bought in the vanilla version of the game. This means the new stance sliders will only show up upon rebuying the car.
      Note #2: Will not work in Lakeshore online.
      Note #3: One of the stance sliders will appear as obstructed by the UI. This slider has no effect and is only used as a spacer

    • Beat "The Grand" once again and enjoy NFS Unbound's story with UNITE improvements, whether you're playing it for the tenth or first time: Improvements have been made to the calendar and event structure to keep players engaged and more focused on which events to complete before finishing each day or night session, with improvements to deliveries and certain individual events.

    • Online Patch: this additional mod reverts all performance and gameplay related tweaks in order to provide a fair but nonetheless improved experience for whoever wishes to compete in Lakeshore online's PVP modes.
    • Minor QOL changes have been made across the board, with included fast travel, 500 event restarts and no busting optional mods and other main changes like the removal of crash cams and scripted car tumble.
    • Various texture improvements to tires, headlights and tailights on almost all cars and more
    • All AI and newly purchased cars will come by default with the "Original" driving effect applied also enhancing its smoke and backfire effects and removing tail lights and spoiler trails.
    • Tweaked camera position and FoV on all cars and increased maximum allowed camera shake to 150%
    • Additional VE (graphic) packs have been included, alongside reverts to the vanilla game's graphic settings (check the cheat sheet below for more infos)

      It is recommended to always play offline to ensure all features included in the mod work properly.


      Project supervision and art direction:
    • spoolyy
    • Edo
    • dis

      Media producers:
    • Wanderer
    • SwampedGooch

      Textures and lighting:
    • dis
    • Edo
    • spoolyy
    • IL
      With some extra help from: Libra

      Handling Finetuning:
    • dis
    • Edo

      Stance mod:
    • spoolyy
    • Edo

      QoL and visual experience finetuning:
    • Edo
    • IL

      Visual Environment and Time of Day changes:
    • Edo
    • spoolyy
    • Dis
    • SRK
    • Vim
      With some extra help from: Libra and elaymm4

      Police overhaul:
    • Yorpie
      With some extra help from: Laura

      Story mode compatibility and reworked calendar:
    • Yorpie
    • Edo

      Online Compatibility:
    • Edo
    • dis

      Car Sounds:
    • Edo
    • dis
    • spoolyy
      With some extra help from: SRK, Shuddie

      Vehicle Items and Customization Options:
    • Edo

      And last but not least, a big thank you to all of our testers, contributors and Patreon supporters!
    • Vim
    • Libra
    • SRK
    • Wanderer
    • SwampedGooch
    • MilaSwiftlySenpai
    • Yoshimitsu
    • Fidller
    • Egeblu
    • Fastloud23
    • areucookies
    • Shuddie
    • Artblox
    • morao
    • WENY47
    • Chyddo
    • Dankku
    • Nikila!
    • Suisuede
    • Synyster Gates
    • midas
    • grandson
    • jeff


Bajer092 (July 10, 2024 @ 18:31)
Is this mod compatible with volume 7 update?

Axon (June 14, 2024 @ 13:06)
My bad the mod will drop soon

Axon (June 14, 2024 @ 12:53)
Download only includes link to Frosty Mod Manager???????

ciyungh (May 08, 2024 @ 14:08)
how can i make my ps5 controller work? when playing regular nfs unbound with steam controller support or whatever its called it works but when playing modded nfs unbound using frosty mod manager it doesnt work. i tried ds4windows and steam controller support and still doesnt work please help

fuckinidiots (April 18, 2024 @ 12:10)
The difficulty level of the cops is now simply impassable, who is this challenge for? Level 4 is supposedly 6 which is not in the game, and level 5 is actually 7th.
Reinforcements every 25 seconds, from all sides, endlessly. The radar range is also simply prohibitive. It's simply not possible to play this shit. Terrible.

Otherwise, I like it, thanks for the mod, the enemies really haven’t become much stronger, and they’re just as easy to pass, unlike a million cops.

Uploaded at: April 05, 2024 @ 11:38