[UGR] Custom soundtrack packs by Shad

Category: Audio | Game: Need for Speed: Underground

[UGR] Custom soundtrack packs


A very simple and straight forward mod that not only replaces the soundtracks with mostly genuine FLACs also includes soundtracks from the ports that came after it (excluding the prostreet port) with uncensored and
vanilla variants with the uncensored tracks being higher quality and edited intros/outros


[*] v2: fixed an issue where the soundtracks from the uncensored variants would skip on psp hardware


everything is inside the readme file just open it in your browser and follow its not that hard


  • how compatible is this mod with [insert mod name here]?
    not at all, at least for now that i have to use xdelta files for installing mods on iso files technically you can layer mods by just patching vanilla iso files and extracting the changed files and then using those extracted files to mod your own iso but its not that safe
  • why is this mod labeled under underground1?
    since there isnt a category for psp games as of this release but since ugr is built off ug1 i just went with it

To do

- add support for prostreet trackinfo file

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Uploaded at: April 11, 2024 @ 21:06