Spoilerless Option for Spoilerful Cars by megus_vae

Category: Car Parts | Game: Need for Speed: Underground 2

Spoilerless Option for Spoilerful Cars

Adds an option to remove spoilers off cars.

There are already mods that allow you to do that (like Customization Plus, .R Custom Stuff Minipack or PLUS Parts Addon Pack),
but this one has some key differences:
  • The option only appears on cars that actually have spoilers (only vanilla cars are taken into account)
  • It costs nothing and is unlocked from the start
  • It's treated as a stock part, so it won't affect rear aerodynamics
Because of these differences, you should still consider using the aformentioned mods instead if you:
  • Prefer a catch-all solution for potential addon cars that don't come prepackaged with a "No Spoiler" option.
  • Like having the option of having adjustable rear aero without having a (visible) spoiler.
yeah i know the name is kinda dumb

  • Extract the zip file and open “Main_Installer.end” with Binary.
    • If you have PLUS Parts Addon Pack installed, you can install an optional patch that removes the duplicate entry for spoiler removal.
  • The mod should be ready to go!

Please do not reupload this mod to other sites or file hosting services.
Feel free to include this mod in your modpacks or use it as a base for whatever you’re doing though - so long as you credit me.

Made with Binary 2.8.3


Darknes (May 09, 2024 @ 19:39)

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Uploaded at: April 13, 2024 @ 15:11