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NFS Unbound Payback Boundless(You can‘t enter online mode with this mod)

01.Adjust all vehicle drift parameters to payback's drift parameters

02.Adjust the attributes of BMW_M3E46 GTR custom car

03.Adjust the rev limit of all cars

04.Adjust the acceleration attributes of individual cars

05.Slightly changed the outfit of NPC cars and custom cars

06.Adjusted the outfit of the three started cars in the story mode

07.Unlock vehicle top speed limit

08.Added “The House” pursuit unit

09.Added cop car pursuit unit
Dodge_charger hellcat_2019

10.Adjust the content and strength of cop cars from heat 0 to heat 5

11.Cop cars cannot be destroyed with only one hit

12.The amount of money after the cooldown end is increased.

13.You can drive right through all moving vehicles during the race

14.remove the traffic in the race

15.Add Traffic in Racer SOS Missions


17.Increase the maximum differential adjustment range

18.All cars can freely adjust the nitrous tendency

19.Vehicle's HP changed to 313 on all difficulties

20.Added vehicle drive mode adjustment

21.Adjusted all tire steering strength

22.Replaced all selectable character templates

23.Increased the strength of all AI opponents

24.Replaced some NPCs

25.Change the rating performance point(For example, B class in the original game is 100-159,MOD change to 100-210)

26.Modified the maximum display performance index number


28.Adjusted the strength of AI at all levels and added available cars to AI

29.Optimize braking strength

30.Removed crash animation

31.Adjust nitrous volume and intensity

32.The Grand added in Crazy Saturday

33.Replace 2 High heat delivery‘s cars into Payback “Double Or Nothing” ‘s 2 gold plated cars

34.Slightly adjust the vehicle’s air time speed(very little)

35.新增湾岸赛事和疯狂星期六湾岸列表 湾岸赛事开启街车和碰撞,去除警察,且街车数量是原版的三倍

NFS Unbound Payback ExtraOptions(You can enter online mode with this mod)

01.Unlock all AI Custom car and available for purchase

02.Unlocked all started cars in development plans for purchase and added a base body kit(Story mode only)

03.Unlock all Palace car and available for purchase(If you bought palace version,there will be 4 more purchase options for the same car)

04.Unlock all EA Play's car and available for purchase

05.Online mission-specific cars are unlocked and available for purchase

06.A variety of body kits are available for purchase, and any part cannot be changed at after installation.

07.Changed the number of restarts in story mode to 114514 times

08.Unlock all underglow

09.You can teleport to any point on the map in story mode

10.Unlock all cars in story mode and online mode

11.Unlock all Tags

12.Unlock all Samples

13.Unlock all character costumes

14.Unlock all Speed Pass content(Such as effects,cars,poses)

15.Add a Corvette Grand Sport(2017)drag car,It's an independent car

16.Replaced a different loading screen

17.All car prices are changed to 90% off

18.The price of some performance parts has been changed to 90% off.


20.Changed 3 Custom Car's avatars

21.Unlock all VOL6's Projections Parts

NFS Unbound Payback Graphics Upgrade Pack(You can enter online mode with this mod)
Changed all weather effects

NFS Unbound Payback sound big big big(You can enter online mode with this mod)
Increased the volume of all engines, Turbos and superchargers by 120%

NFS Unbound Payback Signaboost OFF(You can enter online mode with this mod)
Turn off burst Nitrous

NFS Unbound Payback purity(You can enter online mode with this mod)
Remove all tags effect,Only the flashing effect of the car is retained
The exhaust pipe flames are changed to sparks
Fixed realistic tire smoke
PS:This MOD does not change the tire smoke of the “Original”

NFS Unbound Payback Fortune Valley(You can enter online mode with this mod)
Turn Lakeshore City into Fortune Valley style

NFS Unbound Payback High Beam(You can enter online mode with this mod)
Changed from low beam to high beam


weebawop (April 29, 2024 @ 07:22)
Please make the skybox mods modular 🙏 so I can use just the overcast skybox and leave everything else vanilla for example

ShifterSc (April 23, 2024 @ 16:25)
cool mod 12/10 Jemes you are the best

NFSLYY (April 19, 2024 @ 15:54)
cool mod 11/10 Jemes you are the best.

Uploaded at: April 14, 2024 @ 06:13