Midnight Club II Soundtrack in NFS Underground 2 by pathetic_pal

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Midnight Club II Soundtrack in NFS Underground 2

This mod changes every in-game song from NFS Underground 2 to the most memorable electro music from Midnight Club II, along with some unused songs from that game.
Due to the limitation of the songs' amount (only 27 songs available), not every composition was included into the mod, so list goes next:


David Helpling - Midnight Club II Title Screen [plays even at splashscreen due to being first on the list]
Blu Mar Ten - Simon and Lisa
Blu Mar Ten - Home Videos (The Map of Love)
Axus - When I Fall in Love (Stryke's Acid Dub Remix)
Kinnder - Space Station
Art of Trance - Breathe [unused song in MC II]


Patient Zero - Live 135
Nokternal - Aurora
Subtech - Timeshift
Art of Trance - Blue Owl
Thomas Bangalter - Turbo
Thomas Bangalter - Extra Dry
Kansai - Roccoco
Art of Trance - Stealth
Felix Da Housecat - Silverscreen (Shower Scene)
Thomas Bangalter - Outrun
Bipath - Paranoize (Flip Path Mix)
Jack Henderson - Syntrax
Michael Da Brain - Something For Your Mind (Kaylab Remix)
D-Noiser - Question (Non Vocal Mix)
DJ Robert and The Martinez Bros - Electrified
ACM - Elements Of Trance (DJ Kim's Reload Mix)
Michael Da Brain - Only A Illusion (Non Vocal Cut)
D-Noiser - Demon Of The Church (Mix One)
D-Noiser - Brain Train (Psycho TB 303 Mix)
Art of Trance - Easter Island [unused song in MC II]
Art of Trance - Killamanjaro [unused song in MC II]


- 1.2 English US version of NFS Underground 2 with a HOODLUM NoCD crack


1. Install NFSU2 Trax Renamer: https://github.com/nlgxzef/NFSU2TraxRenamer
2. Rename or delete SDATA folder from the game directory
3. Simply drag and drop all files from "Mod Files" folder into the game directory
4. Boot up the game and enjoy 2000s electronic music aesthetcs while ricing your vehicle in Bayview!


EA Black Box - the game itself
Rockstar San Diego (previously - Angel Studios) - a Midnight Club II game and its soundtrack
nlgxzef - NFSU2 Trax Renamer (link)
BadHairDay - NFSU2 Music Importer (link)


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