Cross Henchman's by ProsT0David

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Cross Henchman's

(Sorry for the machine translation, I’m not good at English)
This script brings back the cut or most likely unused mechanics in the game, when Cross joins the chase not alone, but with his henchmen in the amount of 2 pieces and in terms of AI they are the same as the AI Cross.

Video demonstration of mod:

In a call to Mia Cross with your file, she mentioned that he always has a crowd of henchmen with him, and that the three of them travel together.

Video demonstration mention of the above:

How to install mod?
Open VltEd
Click -> Open -> Choose the root directory your Need For Speed Most Wanted
Click -> Import -> ModScript
Click to - Install
Click - Save

Version History:
v1.1 Added unistall file
v1.0 - Added

NFS VltEd v4.6 by nfsu360
Need For Speed™ Most Wanted by EA Black Box

Mods used on the screenshot:
Cross Corvette C6R by RedFire


ProsT0David (May 04, 2024 @ 15:49)
@DemoDemo123456 To tell the truth, I came across such mechanics spontaneously, when I was customizing police pursuit in VltEd 2 years ago and made a discovery for myself, and if you think about it, in the game files police corvettes level 5 heat has a name in the file COPSPORTHENCH, which kind of confirms my guess about the cut feature.

DemoDemo123456 (May 04, 2024 @ 14:36)
Is it true that cross use to have Henchman, and Where do you get that

ProsT0David (May 04, 2024 @ 13:47)
In the description, I've attached a video of how the script works

Uploaded at: May 02, 2024 @ 13:07