Fast And the furious Playlist mod by Bravo

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Fast And the furious Playlist mod

Fast and Furious Music Playlist Mod for NFSU2. This mod adds some music from the first Fast and Furious films that inspired some aspects of NFSU2 and other NFS games.


Deep enough-Live
Race against time-Tank ft. Ja rule
Cali Diseaz-Shade Sheist ft. Nate Dogg
Six Days-Dj Shadow ft. Mos Def
Bandoleros-Don Omar Ft. Tego calderón
Desabafo-Marcelo D2 ft. Claudia


Watch your back-Benny Cassette
Furious-Ja ruleFt vita, 01
Life ain't a game-Ja rule
Tudunn tudunn tudunn-Funk Flex ft N.O.R.E
Justify my love-Vita ft. Ashanti
Rollin-Limp Bizkit ft. DMX
Nurega-Organic audio
Act a fool-Ludacris
Slum-I-20 ft. Shawnna, 2 chainz
Hands in the air-8ball
Gettin' it-Chingy
Peel Off-Jin
Represent-trick Daddy
We ridin-Fat Joe
Pump it up-Joe Budden
Tokyo Drift-Teriyaki Boyz
Restless-Evil Nine ft. Toastie Taylor
Speed-Atari teenage Riot
Danza Kuduro-Don Omar ft. Lucenzo


- 1.2 English US Version of NFSU2 HOODLUM NoCD Crack


1. Install NFSU2 Trax Renamer (i think It's not necessary because the script with the new trax song comes with the mod files, but if you want, download it)
2. Rename or delete SDATA Folder from the game directory
3. drag and drop all files from "mod Files" in your game directory
4. Open the game and enjoy!!!


I use some cars mods but not sound mods, i tested and not have appeared none bug or crash in game.


nlgxzef - NFSU2 Trax Renamer (link -
BadHairDay - NFSU2 Music Importer (link -


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Uploaded at: May 03, 2024 @ 23:50