Balloons Revival for Underground 2 by i wish, Hickle

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Balloons Revival for Underground 2

This mod adds a cut out model of Balloons from PS2 Beta Version

0. I recommend installing this mod first NFSUG2 - Beta Visuals by elaymm4 to get a picture like in my screenshots
1. Move all files from the archive to the game folder, confirming the replacement.
If you already use TexWizard, add the path to the archive with textures manually to the TexWizard.json file.
2. install 4 files named DEFAULT from the archive in the folder named "Materials" folder via Binary in Modder Mode in Materials in GLOBAL\GLOBALB.LZC

Installation video tutorial:

Hickle (thulim9816) - creation of a modulator, shared the finished models and scripts for Blender.
xxjohnathanxx - help importing models into the scene, help using scripts, updating scripts for new versions of Blender
Vasya - special thanks and respect to terminatorvasya for help with everything
to all the people from this NFSTools server who helped me
ASC (drive1437) - training and assistance with the Hex editor, editing and fixing the World shader for models, an invented and implemented way to add models to the game (like OMT)
D4emon712 - help with materials and setting them up in Binary
blueskywestside - blueskywestside :rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy: :smiling_face_with_tear: fix .vp6 media converter

Known Issues:
the model disappears at a certain distance or camera angles, there are only assumptions, but so far I have no idea how this can be fixed.
sometimes on models, this is best seen on Balloons. The headlights are rendered incorrectly, perhaps this is due to the normal map, fixing this is too time-consuming and difficult (to fix it randomly), I think this is an assembly problem via CarTooLKit - nfs360 wrime me
sunken boat in the ocean - the model is a little higher than it should be - too lazy to fix it

People who are well versed in the Hex editor and want to help correct the shortcomings that are written above, write me in Discord

Discord - iwish6768


stopbreathing (May 19, 2024 @ 00:03)
zarus1, I don't have a strong desire to do this.

zarus1 (May 14, 2024 @ 16:25)
Would you be able to make boards with the names of districts as it was in the early PS2 demo?

Uploaded at: May 13, 2024 @ 12:59