Wider Drag Wheels by terryzzz

Category: Car Parts | Game: Need for Speed: Unbound

Wider Drag Wheels

Clarification: Since front and end fenders override tire width, currently this mod is only effective on stock fenders.

Currently only a few locked custom body parts actually changes the rear tire width to resemble drag cars. This mod simply allows you to do with any cars by equipping WELD Racing rims.

This mod is available for MP since it only makes cosmetic changes, but only players with this mod installed can see the effect. Still you can take some great snapshots with it lol.

Download the file, and use Mod Manager to load.

The WELD Star RT is widened for both front and rear wheels.

The Alumastar S71B is only widened for rear wheels, but not front wheels.


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Uploaded at: May 23, 2024 @ 06:53