LPD 2 PCPD by Mila SwiftlySenpai

Category: Any | Game: Need for Speed: Unbound


This Mod Was Heavily Inspired By Elaymm4's Heatified Mod!

This Converts The Weak Lakeshore PD into the Strong Palm City PD with BOTH HSTF & Professional Forces Chasing at once. They Are In Thier Prime Pre-Nerf Max Potental Form!
The Speeds & Serious Damage That they used to do is also present. Shaw & Frank Mercer will be present in the chases. However Shaw Will Show up in Every Heat Level as in the story, he was a first responder. (until the player disabled him) Mercer will only show up at max heat level since he is/was the captain of the PCPD. Normal Daytime Professional Cops take over the lower heat levels while the HSTF units take over at high heat levels & are also have better equipment utility in their vehicles like damage increase/reduction!

Heat levels 1 & 2 won't be anything, only shaw will give you problems.
Things start to Get Serious at Heat level 3 and only gets harder as the higher you go.
Due to the higher heat levels being that much more difficult, there will be plenty of reinforcements before the heat level rises which gives you time to get away before the next heat level.
At Heat 5, HSTF Corvettes & Professional Corvettes are everywhere & have maximum performance parts equipped on them so they are designed to keep up with Maximum S+ Vehicles.
The Only Thing That Potentially hold these cops back is the messed up pathfinding that nfs unbound police ai have!(can't be fixed, only criterion can fix that.)
Other than that, Don't expect to get away if you end up at heat 5 in a lower level vehicle! Just Like Old Times!


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Uploaded at: May 27, 2024 @ 20:07